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Morningstar SunSaver SS-10-12V 10A,12V Solar Charge Controller (Gen3)Write a review

Date Added: September 29, 2014
-Well made
-good status indication
Cons (minor):
-requires smallish crimp on wire connectors instead of providing terminals for bare wires
-ambient temp sensor is somewhat exposed and vulnerable. Its not clear if its replaceable, I suspect not.

I have one at my off grid cabin on a pair of Energiser brand 6v golf cart batteries and connected to two Alte 20w panels and a 100w Renogy panel. The system works flawlessly keeping up easily with my modest power use, batteries are fully charged by noon every day, sooner if its sunny.

It begins PWM regulation when the battery rises to 14.4v and it holds there for 3 hrs as advertised, it drops to 13.6v for the rest of the day. Unlike the PS30 intermittent clouds/overcast do not cause it to become confused and drop back into accept mode (14.4v again, which overcharges the batteries).

The status LEDs show exactly what state its in though it takes more than a simple glance to tell - the the left (green) battery status led is on solid for bulk mode and blinks to show accept (1-sec on,1-sec off), float (2 on 2 off) and equalize .5 on .5 off). The equalize timer works but of course theres no way to query when it last equalized.

The case is an aluminum extrusion with 4 screw holes and is very solid. I use 12ga low voltage landscape wire which has a thick, tough insulation layer. The electronics are tucked in the back and potted with black epoxy.

I couldnt be happier with this unit and only wish my PS30 was as good.
SS-10 by Ronald Smolinski
Date Added: June 28, 2015
Worked well for two years, but has failed. Disappointed that it didnt last any longer. Will not purchase this one again.
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