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John Lewis

Morningstar SunLight SL-10L-12V 10A, Lighting Controller with LVD

Written June 18, 2008

great solution

Our neighborhood wanted to replace the gas lights at the entrance with a renewable energy source. We selected the Morningstar Sunlight Light Controller, a Deka Dominator 8G31 90 AH gel battery, two 7 watt Phocos CFL lights to replace the gas burners, a 60 watt PV panel, and two 1 watt Malibu LED landscape floodlights to illuminate the signs on either side of the street. Our only site is poor for solar PV, allowing less than 50% direct sunlight per day, so we oversized the PV array.
The Morningstar controller is key to the system, combining both a good charge controller with a lighting timer while including LVD battery protection. The system was installed three months ago and is working great. We are very pleased with the controller and the Phocos 12VDC lamps. The Sunlight's setting options were beneficial, allowing us to go with timed settings of 4 hours after dusk and 2 hours before dawn which conserves amp hours during the very wee hours of the night.

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