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Morningstar Relay Driver - Logic Module AccessoryWrite a review

Exceeded my expectations by John Dalhaus
Date Added: March 07, 2008
Calling this product a relay driver is, in my opinion, a mistake. The name implies that it simply amplifies a weak signal in order to power a relay. The device is much more than that. It should be called a programmable logic module, or perhaps a 4-channel programmable voltage controlled switch. Programming the device is easy to do using MSView software (included). No special programming or computer skills are necessary. Setup parameters include features like delays that can be set in order to prevent false triggering. Minimum and maximum relay on/off time periods can also be set. The MSView software is available for download from the Morningstar website, allowing the potential buyer to learn about the product before buying it. My only complaint is that the hardware and software user's manuals are short on details. To learn about the product, you really have to try it. If you do, you'll be pleased.
Excellent tool! by Bhikkhu Samahita
Date Added: March 15, 2008
This 4 channel processor works great.
Can control many relays as more relay can be connected
to each channel. Easily programmable via PC. Connects
via old serial RS 232 port. If Ur laptop does not have such
get a USB-serial converter cable. They are cheap. Brand Tripp-lite works well, but any should do. Works particularly
well with a Tristar controller, but is also fine standalone.
Is the core of my E-system.

Pros: Programmable, multiple sense (voltage, current, temp)
Cons: Works slow with internal delay of ~ 1sec which make
on/off regulation of e.g. battery charging too cross.
Date Added: May 18, 2009
The driver worked like expexted however couple things would make it better. It did not come with USB cable and most laptops do not have serial ports anymore. The other was the instructions did not have examples for using as alt-energy solution. I am using to turn on and off grid power to Xantex power hub through a relay and it took some effort to get to work.
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