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Paul Meyer

Morningstar ProStar PS-30 30A PWM Charge Controller without Display GEN 3

Written September 29, 2014

Adequate, but just

-uses bare-wire connection lugs so you dont need crimp connectors
-battery-type selector is a rotary switch
-ambient temp sensor is well protected from damage
-very well built

-no indication of charge mode! (Subtracted one star)
-falls back from float to accept mode under some cloudy/overcast/intermittent sunlight conditions. (Subtracted one star)

I assumed the PS30 was just the big brother to the Sunsaver I have - same software with bigger output FETs and heat sink. I was wrong. This model requires a voltmeter to tell what mode its in - the led blinks once it starts regulating but you cant tell if its in accept, float or equalize mode. This hides the fact that in one day it can fall back into accept mode presumably because of intermittent daylight. That overcharges the batteries and oils off electrolyte.

The version that comes with a voltmeter wont be much of an improvement if its a tiny LCD you have to get right up on to read. Ive never seen one aside from the ad.

I would not recommend this controller.

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