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Rick Brown

Midnite Solar MNBCM Battery Capacity Meter

Written February 11, 2012

A Slightly More Objective Review

This review is iIn response to Travis As review of Midnight Solars MNBCM Batter Capacity Meter. I too have one of these meters and Im mostly happy with it. This particular meter is meant to monitor a battery at rest, i.e. not charging and not discharging. One might consider that a drawback, but at _$70 youre not going to get a meter that provides accurate SOC while in a charging/discharging state. Having said that, I monitor my batteries with the MNBCM after the sun has set and the batteries are in a mostly static (no load) condition. I usually allow an hour for the battery to achieve that resting state. Thats how battery SOC is most accurately tested. Likewise, when doing a specific gravity test, you dont do it when the battery is charging or discharging, you do so when the battery has been in a resting state for a specified time.

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