Assistant Software PV & Thermal (Software version 5.0)

Assistant Software PV & Thermal (Software version 5.0)
Assistant Software PV & Thermal (Software version 5.0)

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SOTASSISTPVTHER Solar Pathfinder Assistant Soft PV+Thermal

logo Solar Pathfinder Assistant Software

Solar Pathfinder
Pathfinder Assistant Software
Version 5.0

PV and Thermal on one CD!

Solar Pathfinder Assistant Software (Version 5.0) used in conjunction with a Solar Pathfinder unit generates monthly sunpaths for each specific site latitude (instead of relying on the stock latitude band diagrams as in previous versions). Includes weather data for North America (Canada & USA), Central America, Europe, Southwest Pacific. All other sites will receive % of solar radiation only. Now, the SolarPathfinder Assistant V5 also calculates data for THERMAL heating systems (with the Thermal Module Add-On)! Now know exactly what size array you or your clients need when installing thermal systems for home or commercial heating.

Solar Pathfinder Assistant V5.0 +THERMAL

The SolarPathfinder Assistant thermal plug in allows you to choose from over 200 hot water collectors at the click of a button. Create a data-rich report that will give your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Create professional looking and accurate site reports easily with the Solar Pathfinder Assistant + Thermal

NOTE: Each copy of the software will come with a serial number. The serial number is then input into the software to unlock the full functionality. Lost serial numbers can be found at

  • Automatically adjusts for magnetic declination, latitude, etc.
  • Allows for changes in azimuth (degree east/west of true south)
  • Allows for changes in tilt angle & mode (fixed, 1-axis, 2-axis)
  • li>Automatically does computations (using NREL data) for:
    • Percentage of sunlight
    • Azimuth/altitude measurements
    • Solar Radiation (kWhr/m^2/day)
    • AC power (kWhr)
  • Can show "before/after" results of taking trees or obstructions out of site area
  • Lists makes/models of PV panels & inverters (automatically giving DC rate/derate factors)
  • Lists makes/models of solar thermal panels (as given by Solar Rating and Certification Corporations database of over 240 solar hot water collectors—allows for manual entry if needed panels are not listed), automatically giving panel specs such as aperture area, efficiency curve Y intercept, efficiency curve slope, etc.
  • Allows input on monthly hot water load
  • Allows input on tank information such as tank temperature, supply water temperature, storage tank volume, etc.
  • Uses F-chart calculations

System Requirements:

  • Solar Pathfinder unit Solar Pathfinder with Case & Tripod (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Digital Camera
  • Windows XP (except Media Center Edition), Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Net Framework 4.0 (included in Windows 7 and installed automatically the others)
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1 GHz
  • Recommended RAM: 512MB
  • Disk space used at install: 60 - 175MB (depending on weather data installed)

Sample Report

Solar Pathfinder Assistant


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