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Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit, Includes Shunt

Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit, Includes Shunt
Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit, Includes Shunt
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Battery Monitoring Kit - Battery State of Charge Meter (Includes 500A/50mV DC Shunt)

Magnum EnergyMagnum Energy
Battery Monitor Kit

* Requires Magnum Inverter (with "Network" port) and ME-RC remote rev 2.0 or higher

Magnum Battery MonitorThe Battery Monitor from Magnum Energy acts like a "fuel gauge" type of meter for your batteries. It uses the ME-RC Remote Display to display the "percentage of charge" for your battery bank. This monitor also reports the state of charge, real time amps, amp hours in/out, and minimum/maximum DC volts. The kit includes the sense module, sense and communication cables, and a 500 amp shunt.

Product Features

  • Compatible with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems
  • One adjustable setting - very easy setup
  • All battery meter and Magnum inverter/charger set-up and monitoring features in a single convenient display – doesn’t require multiple displays for inverter and battery system information
  • Displays reliable and pertinent information; such as:
    • Battery State of Charge
    • Battery Voltage
    • Battery Current
  • Auto-detecting input voltage
  • Temperature and battery bank capacity automatically compensated
  • and coordinated between inverter and battery monitor
  • Precision 500A/50mv DC shunt (included in ME-BMK)
  • Automatic efficiency detection


Magnum Energy

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