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Date Added: February 21, 2012
I had no luck finding any reviews for this product prior to my purchasing the system...so I hope this helps anyone who might be searching:
The pump is strong enough to run my creepy crawly. this was my biggest concern.
As long as there is direct sunlight on the panels, the pump pushes more than enough water to run the creepy crawly:

I just finished the insatall at my home here in Hawaii. I am very please with the system.
I installed 6 trina 185Watt panels, I used quick mounts for mounting the rails on my asphalt shinkle roof, this took about 3 hrs. Most of the time spent was making sure I hit the joist with the hanger bolt. I spaced the mounts 6 feet apart. Portrait orientation.
All the mounting hardware is sold seperatly.
The pump, controller and disconnect comes prewired, however I would recommend that you fully inspect all the factory wiring. IM GLAD I DID, BUT I WONT ELABORATE.
I installed jandy valves in my system so i can isolate each pump, so i can run the AC pump if needed. I dont think i will ever use my AC pump again, I HOPE.
My AC pump has a 3/4 hp motor, 1.25hp is stamped on the side of the pump (not sure how this calculates out.
Total install time, by myself 10hrs + 2hrs to pound in the ground rod.
Upadate 10/21/2019 by james bordine
Date Added: October 21, 2019
I posted the original installation of this dc pool pump back in 2012.
I am on my second pump only because the shaft bearings failed in the DC brushless motor a couple of years ago.
I was able to measure and source out replacement bearings as they are a common size (so now I have a spare pump).
These shaft bearings are also pretty simple to replace.
The original controller is still functioning without any issue.
The lorentz is a great product and manufactured well.

I see more of these solar pump systems on the market now, out of china. If anyone out there has experience with these, would be nice to see some reviews.

help by gary marks
Date Added: May 14, 2015
looking for anybody with good working knowledge or experience with the Lorentz deep well helical pump mated with the PS 600 controller. I have spent thousands on this system and have yet to pump any water. My suppliers and installer cant produce any fix associated for my symptoms. E-mail me at: thanks! [email protected]
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