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DC (12V or 24V) LED Bulbs & Fixtures

DC (12V or 24V) LED Bulbs & Fixtures

The LED lamps and bulbs in this section are for DC (12V or 24V) electrical systems. These CANNOT be used in standard household 120 VAC installations!

LED lights are extremely energy efficient, but they do not produce a "bright" light like compact fluorescent bulbs. They give off a more diffuse, blue-toned light that is best suited for task lighting or dark areas that need moderate illumination.

FYI: According to the US Dept of Energy, incandescent lamps typically produce 12 to 15 lumens per Watt of electrical power. Compact fluorescent lamps produce at least 50 lumens per Watt, while currently available high-brightness LEDs can produce about 30 to 35 lumens per Watt.

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