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At altE, the KiloVault® branded battery line has become the strongest and fastest growing brand in our energy storage category. With both lithium and sealed AGM offerings, KiloVault is dedicated to providing innovative renewable energy solutions at a great value for residential and commercial applications.

With energy storage becoming a key component of new solar system installations, KiloVault is committed to designing leading-edge technologies that reduce the cost of entry for homeowners and help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

KiloVault has more than 20 years of experience designing renewable energy systems. The founders and lead development engineers have unique insight into the needs of the residential power. There are many exciting new products being developed that target the anticipated needs of these customers.

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More Info on KiloVault Batteries

Introduction to KiloVault Solar Lithium Batteries

Watch our video on the KiloVault lithium iron phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) line of deep cycle batteries. These batteries are lightweight, have a long cycle life (over 5000 cycles at 80% DoD), and can be deeply discharged repeatedly without harming the lifespan of the battery.

Why Kilovault?

KiloVault® solar energy storage products cover a wide range of applications, including expadable energy storage, wall-mount products, and portable emergency backup power.

KiloVault: Best Practices for Design, Installation, and Operation of the KiloVault HAB 7.5 kW

This is the webinar altE did at our 2020 Virtual Conference, with the KiloVault Technical Trainers. 

kilovault advanced DEEP cycle battery technologies

KiloVault advanced battery chemistries are offered in their lithium line and their lead acid AGM line.  They all offer a configurable approach to residential energy storage needs.

  • The KiloVault® HLX series were designed and tested to meet the demands of high-capacity inverters and chargers, in either an off-grid or grid-tied + storage setting. The HLX Series’ lithium battery technology stores and delivers energy more efficiently than traditional deep cycle batteries, requiring no maintenance on your part.

  • CHLX Series lithium batteries include all the advantages of the HLX Series with the added benefit of cold weather operation. Internal heating technology allows the battery to continue charging, even when the ambient temperature is well below zero.

  • KiloVault® HAB™ Series Wall-Mount Energy Storage systems provide a 7.5 Kilowatt-hour lithium battery in a single unit. Up to fourteen units can be used together for additional capacity. The HAB Series has been designed for trouble-free mounting and is easy to connect with other system components.

  • KiloVault® PLC 2100 is a cost-effective, maintenance- free battery that offers superior performance in Partial State Of Charge (PSoC) applications.  Combining pure lead and advanced carbon technology for extended battery life, this AGM technology is at an exceptional value and can't be beat.

  • KiloVault® 2V 1000 XLC is a higher capacity AGM battery that is also highly effective in Partial State Of Charge (PSoC) applications.  Ideal for off grid or battery backup applications that require larger energy storage. 

worried about power outages?

There seem to be more and more natural disasters that result in large communities of homes and businesses losing power for a period of time.  KiloVault's RES-Q  systems provides power that is needed during those emergencies. 

Introduction to KiloVault RES-Q Solar Portable Power Unit

KiloVault’s RES-Q Kit 1500 is an all-in-one solar power system. It was designed specifically to provide emergency backup power for your most critical household appliances and devices - such as lighting, fans, cellphone/tablet charging -- and even your refrigerator!

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