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Date Added: March 01, 2020
Hi KiloVault team,

I love the battery and now have my home backed up in case of an outage. I paired one of the HAB's with a Xantrex XW5548 and the system is working like a top! I'll buy more when I can afford it. Keep up the good work!
Date Added: September 16, 2020
I have the HAB 7.5 KW paired to a Magnum inverter charger sitting on top of the Midnight Solar E-Panel along with the Magnum PT100 charge controler.
This solution was a perfect fit for my solar deployment. Having a very limited space to install all the parts an pieces that goes along with a solar system, the HAB allowed me to basically install everything in about a 7'x3'x3' open space against a corner wall. In the short time I have had the HAB up and running I haven't noticed any issues. the HAB just sits there happily sucking in and storing electricity. Since the HAB is a relatively new product there are always growing pains but the few I did encounter were pretty simple to solve.
I am pretty happy that I purchased the HAB over a traditional lead acid or other type of battery bank.

HAB IOS App: Pretty basic app, gives you just the basics. Not much I can really say, one thing I thought was cool, KiloVault shot an email out letting me know that they were going to update the firmware on the HAB overnight and there shouldn't be any issues or end user involvement. I installed the Verizon jetpack in my off grid place and the HAB dovetailed right into the small network the jetpack creates and I can now sit at home 100 miles away and see the status of my HAB.

Cons: My only real complaint is the HAB is HEAVY, not having a extra set of hands to lift the HAB really through a wrench in my initial plans for installation. Not a biggie, I just rolled with it and adjusted fire.
My thoughts, have some way to rotate the install "handles" so a better grip can be obtained on the unit itself. The handles are good for getting the unit out of the box, but sheesh it was a process (for me) after that.

Nathan and Alte: Ya'll knocked it out of the park! Thank you for all your help Nathan, the emails, the emails on the weekend and holidays that you replied to, phone calls, etc I felt as though it was a collaborative effort on ggetting me up and running. Really appreciate it! Great support and when I get a few pennies saved I will add another HAB for sure. You guys keep rockin on with your badselves!
Costo by
Date Added: July 22, 2021
Que precio tienen?
Date Added: September 08, 2020
I've been using this battery for a month and I'm not satisfied. I've followed all recommendations by the manufacturer and tried to involve them to solve my issue. It seems that they are trying but the response has been very slow.

The battery randomly goes to standby for a couple of seconds, causing my inverter to shutdown and hence my critical loads. This is a battery that is not used daily and its only there as a backup when the grid is down. The purpose is defeated, since the battery is the one turning my loads off.
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