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Schneider Electric
Conext SW Inverter/Chargers

Schneider Electric Context SW Inverter/Chargers have a pure sine wave output for a clean AC signal to power your delicate electronics. Economical, efficient, and light-duty, these inverter/chargers are ideal for residential use, and can be used for both an off grid solar power system, or a backup power supply. Models work with either 24V or 48V battery banks, as well as well as two voltage families - a 120/240V split phase voltage for North America, and a 230V single phase model for Europe. All models offer switchable 50/60 Hz output frequency, making it flexible to be used in island nations for example. The modular design makes for an easy installation. Flexible, economical, and user-friendly - perfect for your renewable energy needs!


  • True Sine Wave output
  • Configures quickly into compact wall mounted system
  • Excellent starting power with high 30-minute and 5-second surge power
  • Generator Support allows power to be automatically drawn from the batteries to assist an AC generator to support heavy loads (i.e. loads that exceed the available current from the generator)
  • Compatible with FLA, Gel, AGM, Custom batteries
  • Dead Battery Charge recovers highly discharged batteries (**as low as 24 VDC)
  • Supports AC coupled and DC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures
  • Intelligent functionality enables self consumption with solar prioritization, peak shaving and, assisting small generators with heavy loads
  • Companion switchgear integrates inverter with battery bank and solar charge controllers, making installation easy
  • Field-selectable frequency - models support both 50 Hz and 60 Hz output
  • AC Load Power Share prioritizes AC loads by reducing the charge current and maintaining the total input current to less than the breaker setting
  • Search Mode allows the inverter to selectively power only items that draw more than a certain amount of power, which can result in power savings
  • Inverter Block disables the inverter at a set time period - ie. when conserving battery power is more important than running loads
  • Charger Block prevents utility power from being used for battery charging during peak billing periods
  • Remote monitoring and configuration with the Conext System Control Panel (*NOTE: SCP is required if you need/want anything than the factory default settings on the inverter)
  • CSA Certified to UL1741
  • 1 Year Warranty with additional 1 year (2 year total warranty) if registered within 6 months of purchase

  • NOTE: 
    Stacking (multiple parallel) of SW units is NOT supported by the Manufacturer.  Also of note, legacy SW firmware does include a “multi-unit” program setting, which is no longer a viable configuration. Manufacturer recommendation is that all hardware (inverter, charge controller, gateway, etc.) are updated with latest firmware prior to or upon commissioning. The recommendation for larger capacity or stacked systems remains with the XW (XW+ or Pro) platform.


    Inverter Specifications SW 4024
    SW 4048
    SW 4024
    SW 4048
    Output Power (Continuous) at 25°C 3400 W 3800 W 3400 W
    Surge Power (30 min) at 25°C 4000 W 4400 W 4000 W
    Surge Power (5 sec) at 25°C 7000 W 7000 W 7000 W
    Peak Current 41 A 42 A
    Input Voltage Range 20 - 34 VDC 40 - 68 VDC 20 - 34 VDC 40 - 68 VDC
    Output Frequency 50/60 Hz Selectable
    Output Voltage 120/240VAC 230VAC
    AC Connections Single/ Split-Phase Single Phase
    Optimal Efficiency 92% 92%
    Charger Specifications SW 4024
    SW 4048
    SW 4024
    SW 4048
    Output Current 90 A 45 A 90 A 45 A
    Nominal Output Voltage 24 VDC 48 VDC 24 VDC 48 VDC
    Output Voltage Range 12-32 VDC 24-64 VDC 12-32 VDC 24-64 VDC
    Charge Control 3 Stage
    Charge Temperature Compensation Yes - Battery Temperature Sensor included
    Input Current 13 A 14 A
    Input AC Voltage 120/240 VAC 230 VAC
    Dead Battery Charge Yes
    Optimal Operating Temp Range -20°C to 60°C ( -4° to 140°F)
    Optimal Efficiency 90%

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