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Xantrex Freedom Xi Inverters

The NEW Freedom Xi Inverter is a very affordable, full-featured inverter for mobile applications. It is a true-sinewave inverter with a built-in transfer switch. So if you already have a battery charger set up in your system, adding this inverter is a good way to set up an automatic backup situation. When you need the load to transfer from grid power to battery power immediately, this will do it automatically for you, via the built-in transfer switch. This way, when the power goes out, it will switch right over to your stored battery power, keeping your electronics running smoothly, and continuously.


  • Recreational vehicles and boats
  • Heavy duty trucks and work vehicles
  • Buses and commercial/safety vehicles

  • Available in 2 models: 1000 watts or 2000 watts continuous AC power, with GFCI outlets
  • Low profile and easy to install
  • Works with 12V battery banks
  • True sine wave output designed to operate sensitive electronics like entertainment systems and appliances in boats, RV’s and commercial trucks
  • High (2X) surge capability allows you to handle hard-to-start loads, such as TVs and refrigerators
  • Cold temperature performance down to - 20°C for the harsh winter environments
  • Quality, reliability and safety measures meet stringent CSA and UL458 with marine supplement standard
  • Configurable ignition control that helps to minimize battery drain. Ignition lockout stops the inverter from operating in the absence of a voltage signal, from the vehicle's ignition. And then the auto-on simply turns the inverter on and off when the ignition is engaged/disengaged.
  • Quick connect AC terminal block for fast and reliable installation
  • Programmable Smart Battery Management logic to facilitate extended battery use & life
  • Overload, over temperature, under/over voltage protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Some other great things about the Xantrex Xi Inverter:

  • Rigorous testing & quality control. All Xantrex products go through the HALT standard - "Highly Accelerated Life Testing". The inverter gets tested for shock, vibration, extreme heat/cold, and salt fog - to ensure it can handle extreme environments, without corrosion. In addition, the UL-458 listing on this inverter comes with a Marine Supplement, making it ideal for marine applications.
  • A complete system. If you own an RV or a boat, and you already have a battery charger installed, you can just add the Xi inverter to your system, vs a more costly inverter/charger that you wouldn't need. This then gives you pure sinewave output and a built-in transfer switch to complete your whole system.
  • Removeable display. You can remove the front panel display from the inverter, and mount it anywhere in your boat or RV, so you can control and monitor your system remotely, and the inverter can be hidden away to do its thing.
  • User-selectable LVD (low voltage disconnect). Allows you to put this setting higher, in order to protect your batteries, so they don't discharge too deeply, and will ultimately last longer. An audible alarm will let you know when that low voltage point is hit.
  • Low standby power draw. The Xi inverter has a very efficient consumption power. For the 1st 24 hours, it will draw about 10 watts of power. After that, it will go into sleep mode, and draw less than 4mA of power.
  • Dual GFCI AC outlets. Ideal for work/utility vehicles that need an AC receptacle to help power their tools/equipment

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