SolarEdge 5 Yr GSM Cellular Kit
SolarEdge GSM Cellular Kit - 12 Year Plan

SolarEdge 5 Yr GSM Cellular Kit
SolarEdge 5 Yr GSM Cellular Kit
SolarEdge GSM Cellular Kit - 12 Year Plan
SolarEdge GSM Cellular Kit - 12 Year Plan
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Model: SE-GSM-R5-US-S1 (5 Year GSM Kit) SE-GSM-R12-US- S1 (12 Year GSM Kit)
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SolarEdge GSM Cellular Kit

GSM Cellular Kit

Now go wireless with SolarEdge! SolarEdge offers a cellular GSM communication solution with a 5-year data or 12-year data plan.

NOTE: These products in stock with -US in the model # are for plans in the US.  Also these are NOT for StorEdge inverters.  A suffix of -S2 in the model # is for StorEdge.

Configuring the inverter for cellular communication, after the modem is installed, is pretty straight forward. You use the LCD buttons to go through the different status screens. The modem communicates with the SolarEdge monitoring portal every several hours and sends all monitoring data that has been logged since last communication.

Kit Includes: Cellular modem, plastic holder, antenna, mounting clip with antenna cable, cable holder, and firmware upgrade card.

  • For residential systems up to 11.4kW
  • Connects SolarEdge inverters wirelessly to the Internet
  • Reports module level data over cellular network
  • Data sampled every 15 minutes and sent to SolarEdge server every 4 hours
  • Eliminates the need for Internet infrastructure at the site
  • Outdoor rated when installed within the inverter enclosure
  • Enables remote analysis and troubleshooting
  • Includes SolarEdge data plan
  • Immediate monitoring connection feedback
  • Need 1 cellular kit per inverter/up to 60 optimizers
  • Available in 5 Year Plan or 12 Year Plan (For 12 year data plans - in the event that third party cellular technology currently used by SolarEdge (3G GSM) is phased out or becomes otherwise unavailable, SolarEdge shall ship replacement parts such as modem and/or SIM card of a prevailing technology. Upon such replacement, the new prevailing hardware shall continue to be covered for the remainder of the original data plan duration.  Customer is responsible for verifying that the region of installation is covered by the 3G GSM network prior to any installation by accessing: http://aeris.cellmaps.com/?instance=global)


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