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SMA Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy Back Card

SMA Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy Back Card
SMA Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy Back Card
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Use the SMA Speedwire Piggy-Back Card to connect your Sunny Boy series-12 inverters to the Sunny Portal. The Speedwire SWPB-US-10 card allows you to wire any Sunny Boy 3000US-12 to 8000US-12 inverter directly to your home DSL router. It is also compatible with Sunny Boy transformerless inverters 3000TL-US-12 to 11000TL-US-12. *This setup does not require the use of a WebBox data logger. The web connect interface will provide a live connection from your SMA-12 inverter to SMA's highly functional Sunny Portal. The interface is always provided by the portal, however, the firmware of the SWPB-US-10 module cannot be upgraded. Compatible inverters: SB11000TLUS-12 SB10000TLUS-12 SB9000TLUS-12 SB8000TLUS-12 SB7000TLUS-12 SB6000TLUS-12 SB8000US-12 SB7000US-12 SB6000US-12 SB5000US-12 SB4000US-12 SB3000US-12 See DOCUMENTS tab above for Installation instructions.
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