Midnite Solar Communication Adapter for SMA Sunny Island Inverters

Midnite Solar Communication Adapter for SMA Sunny Island Inverters
Midnite Solar Communication Adapter for SMA Sunny Island Inverters
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MIDMNSICOMM Midnite Solar, Inc. SI Communication Adapter

Midnite Solar

Midnite Solar
Communication Adapter

MidNite Solar’s Communication Adapter is a software protocol converter for creating a communications link between SMA’s Sunny Island inverter and MidNite Solar’s Classic charge controllers, which allows these products to work together as a system. Translating Midnite Solar’s communication protocol into SMA format, and vice - versa, allows up to four Classics to communicate with a single Sunny Island inverter. As a system, the Classics are able to report their energy production data, ( i.e. - voltage, current and power), to the Sunny Island and from there on to the Sunny WebBox, in a similar manner as SMA’s charge controllers report their power production. Going the other way the Sunny Island inverter acts as the system controller, telling the Classics the appropriate voltage set point for the battery state of charge at the time.

The MidNite Solar Communication Adapter is designed for indoor installation only and is provided with flanges for wall mounting. Mount the unit in a convenient location between the Classics and the Sunny Island inverter. There are LED indicators along the front edge of the unit, so pick a location and height so that the front side CAN cable (RJ - 45) connectors can be visible. Avoid a lot of excess cable length to minimize the chance of stray noise pickup.

SYSTEM OVERVIEW DIAGRAM - TYPICAL INSTALLATION (Classic #10-#13 is the MODBUS address of that Classic):

See more technical information in the 'DOCUMENTS' tab above!

Midnite Solar

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