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Insight Energy Management
Watch this video to learn how to monitor and control your system with Schneider's new Insight devices!

Schneider Electric
Insight Energy Management Devices

Simplified management for solar and battery systems

Insight is Schneider Electric’s new energy management ecosystem for solar & storage. It allows for intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and professionals alike. InsightHome and InsightFacility are smart edge devices that connect customers’ Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app.

InsightHome is perfect for a single-family home with up to 26 kilowatts (kW) of solar. InsightFacility supports larger solar systems of up to 3 megawatts (MW).  Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are compatible with Schneider Electric’s solar & storage offerings, including the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers, and the accessories. 


  • Compatible with the Conext XW Pro and entire line of residential and commercial range of Conext solar and storage products - XW+ Inverter/Charger, SW Inverter/Charger, AGS, SCP, MPPT 60/80/100, Battery Monitor
  • Monitor solar system performance in real time, from anywhere
  • Measure and compare energy performance over varying time frames, based on time of use rates and demand charges
  • Built-in wireless access point (WAP) for easy configuration and access
  • Li-ion battery integration for flexible design
  • Modbus support for string inverters and third-party Modbus devices
  • Remotely upgrade and manage settings and firmware updates
  • Powered by the Xanbus network (*Schneider's MPPT60  is their only "power producing " Xanbus device that does not supply Xanbus power, so if a system has ONLY an MPPT60 - which is rare - it will need an external power supply)
  • AC/DC Power supply sold separately (12Vdc output voltage, 1.6Adc output current, center positive jack, 5.5mm jack outer dimension, 2.1mm jack inner dimension - see manual for ordering info).  This is required for the SW since the SW can not power the unit.
  • 1 Year Warranty with additional 1 year (2 year total warranty) if registered within 6 months of purchase
  • Benefits over the System Control Panel:

    • Allows full restoration of all factory default settings for XW Pro
    • Offers more comprehensive real-time monitoring for system-level status and troubleshooting, including simpler menu navigation and graphic displays
    • Full access to commissioning settings for regional Grid Codes, SoC Control, and Lithium BMS communication
    • Insight edge devices have built-in WiFi Hotspot for direct local connection to tablet or PC (no router/internet required)   


      Insight Specifications Table

      Sizing Examples from Schneider:
    • Max quantity XW Pro for Insight Home/Facility = (4) single phase or (6) three phase
    • Max quantity XW Pro (total connected) with MPPT controllers = (6) for Insight Home or (18) for Insight Facility
    • Example configurations for Insight Home:  (3) XW Pro + (3) MPPT + AGS, or (2) XW Pro + (4) MPPT + AGS + Battery Monitor, or (6) XW Pro.

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