MM-R25 Remote Control MM Series w/o Charger

MM-R25 Remote Control MM Series w/o Charger
MM-R25 Remote Control MM Series w/o Charger
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MAGMM-R25 MAGNUM Energy, Inc MM-R25

Magnum EnergyMagnum Energy

The Magnum Energy MM-R remote control is designed to be simple to install and use. The low-cost, easy-to-read MM-R Remote Control is designed to work with the MM and MMS Series Inverters. For the MM Series inverter that does not have the battery charger, the MM-R is the recommended remote.

Magnum MM-R25 remote controlThis remote has an ON/OFF switch that performs the same function as the ON/OFF switch on the front of the MM612 inverter. This remote control also has LED indicators to show the current operating mode of the inverter and to help troubleshoot you system if you have a fault.

Note: The MM612 inverter is required to be serial number L1-201 or higher to work with the MM-R.

Basic Features

  • Colored LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) located on the front panel for easy viewing of system status.
  • A RJ11 phone jack connection for easy connection to inverter.
  • Status and information indicators used to determine system performance and operating conditions, including: inverter operation, charger operation and any faults that occur.
  • ON/OFF push button for easy control of inverter and charger operation.
  • Easy installation – can be fl ush mounted (in the wall) or use the included mounting ring to give installers the option of surface mounting (on the wall).

Magnum Energy

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