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Magnum BR-DC100-BM Back Mount Breaker MP/MMP

Magnum BR-DC100-BM Back Mount Breaker MP/MMP
Magnum BR-DC100-BM Back Mount Breaker MP/MMP
Item code Brand name Model number Amps
MAGBR-DC100-BM MAGNUM Energy, Inc BR-DC100-BM 100A

The BR-DC75-BM and BR-DC100-BM are DC breakers that can be used as disconnects for charge controllers and DC loads. These breakers have a slotted bracket that allows them to be easily mounted to a breaker mounting plate inside the MP (Magnum Panel) and MMP (Mini Magnum Panel) system enclosures.

Depending on the part number, the circuit breaker is either a 75 amp (PN:BR-DC75-BM) or a 100 amp (PN: BR-DC100-BM), general purpose E-Frame, magnetic-hydraulic, back-mountable, DC circuit breaker. These breakers have front accessible pressure terminal connectors that accept #14 through #6 AWG copper or #12 through #4 AWG aluminum wire.

These breakers are not 100% continuous duty rated. To use these breakers for continuous operation, they need to be derated to 80%. For example, the BR-DC75-BM (75 amp) breaker can be operated at 60 amps continuous (75 x .8 = 60 amp). These breakers must be mounted in a vertical position to meet the specified trip current and trip delay curve.

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