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Enphase Energy Envoy Communication Gateway

Enphase Energy Envoy Communication Gateway
Enphase Energy Envoy Communication Gateway
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ENPENVOYGTWY Enphase Energy ENV-120

enphaseEnphase Energy
Envoy Communications Gateway


Enphase Energy Envoy Communications GatewayThe Enphase Envoy (ENV-120) is a communications gateway that collects performance information for each solar module in a user's system and transmits this data to the Enlighten™ website, where users can view and manage the performance of their solar power system.

The Envoy can be plugged into any standard AC outlet. Enphase Micro-inverters transmit data over the existing power line. No additional wiring is required. Once the unit is plugged into an AC outlet, simply connect the included Ethernet cable from the Envoy into a broadband router. Performance data is transmitted using broadband Ethernet protocols for immediate access to performance information.

The Enphase Envoy works in conjunction with the Enphase Micro-inverter and the Enlighten website. See the Product Documentation section above for Envoy specifications.

**TECHNICAL BULLETIN (as of 3/12/15): The Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway, power line communication bridge pair and wireless USB adapter are now being sold separately. Previously, the Envoy was available bundled with either a power line communication bridge pair or a wireless USB adapter. The new configuration provides cost savings to users who connect the Envoy Communications Gateway to the Internet via the included Ethernet cable, and do not need the power line adapter or wireless adapter.


  • Direct Ethernet Link - The Envoy requires a connection to the Internet, usually through an existing broadband router or other access point at the installation site. This connection can be established by connecting the Envoy to a router using the included CAT5 Ethernet cable.
  • Power Line Adapter - If the Envoy is located away from the router, at a distance where a direct Ethernet cable link is not practical, a pair of power line communication bridges allow the Envoy to communicate with the router over the power line. One of the bridges is plugged into the same AC outlet that the Envoy is using and connected to it via an Ethernet cable. The other bridge of the pair is connected via a second Ethernet cable to the router and plugged into the same AC outlet that the latter is using. Power Line Adapter Kit
  • WiFi Adapter - Alternatively, the Envoy can communicate with the router via a wireless Ethernet bridge (also known as a “Wi-Fi USB stick”). To enable this link, the router or access point must support wireless connections (Wi-Fi). WiFi USB Adapter
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