Midnite Solar Pre-Wired System MNSW4048-CL150

Midnite Solar Pre-Wired System MNSW4048-CL150
Midnite Solar Pre-Wired System MNSW4048-CL150
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Model: MNSW4048-CL150 (SW4048-Classic 150)
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MIDMNSW4048C150 Midnite Solar, Inc. MNSW4048-CL150

Midnite Solar

Midnite Solar Prewired Inverter System Conext SW 4048

Midnite Solar
Pre-Wired Off Grid Inverter Systems
Schneider Electric Conext SW 4048 Inverter/Charger

Midnite Solar is an innovative company that manufactures a wide variety of products for the alternative energy industry - primarily for off grid applications. Midnite's pre-wired inverter systems offer a great solution for installing a battery based system, without all the installation obstacles. And the convenience of having a system pre-wired and ready to go saves you valuable time - time that you can be enjoying your off grid system sooner rather than later! With a pre-wired solution, you don't have to worry about which pieces and parts to order. This pre-wired system uses the Schneider Electric Conext SW inverter that is rated at 4,000 watts and uses a 48 volt battery bank. It produces 120/240 volts AC. It is configured and wired with Midnite Solar's Classic MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. See the chart below for the different options.

This Pre-Wired System Includes:

  • Schneider Electric Conext SW 4048 120/240 VAC Inverter/Charger for off grid applications
  • Schneider Electric System Control Panel
  • Midnite Solar E Panel breaker box for the SW Inverter/Charger
  • Midnite Solar back plate
  • Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller
  • Three (3) Midnite Solar 300V Surge Protection Devices
  • AC Bypass breakers for the SW Inverter
  • 175 amp Battery Main Breaker for the SW Inverter
  • Breakers for the Classic Charge Controller
  • Midnite Solar Whizbang Jr current sense module provides battery state of charge
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Assembly, testing, and crating of system
  • Features:

  • Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)
  • Schneider SW Inverter made in India
  • MidNite E-Panel, Classic Charge Contoller and SPDs made in the USA
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Midnite/Schneider Conext SW 4048 Pre-Wired Options:

    Specifications: MNSW4048-CL150 MNSW4048-CL150-RSS MNSW4048-CL200 MNSW4048-CL250
    Midnite Solar Charge Controller Classic 150 MPPT Classic 150 MPPT Classic 200 MPPT Classic 250 MPPT
    Inverter Schneider Electric Conext SW 4048
    Inverter Output power (30 min) at 25°C 4000 W (48 VDC)
    Inverter Output/Input Voltage 120/240 VAC (for single or split-phase)
    Midnite Charge Controller Amp Rating 96A 96A 79A 63A
    Midnite Charge Controller Operating Voltage 150V 150V 200V 250V
    Rapid Shutdown Compliant No Yes No
    Shipping Weight 130 lbs Truck Freight Only

    Midnite Solar

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