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altE PreWired Systems

Pre-Wired Off Grid Inverter Systems
with Schneider Electric SW Inverter/Chargers

altE is happy to be partnering with Schneider Electric to produce our own PreWired systems - made here in our warehouse - just for you!  This is a great solution for installing a battery based system, without all the installation obstacles. SAVE yourself multiple weekends of TIME, MONEY, (and knuckle wounds!).  With a pre-wired solution, you'll be able to start enjoying the benefits of your solar power system, sooner, rather than later.

- Affordable - save time, money, and hassle of searching for the best prices - altE has already negotiated the best price for you!
- Flexible - these plug and play systems are ready to go - and if we don't have the configuration you're looking for, we can quickly design one for your needs!
- Convenient - they arrive fully assembled and tested - ready to be connected to your solar panels or battery bank. One-stop shopping at altE will allow you to get everything you need to start making solar energy in no time!

Basic components of each prewired system:

  • altE Backplate/Wall Bracket for SW inverters
  • Schneider Electric Conext SW Inverter/Charger (2524, 4024, or 4048)
  • Schneider Electric System Control Panel
  • 1 DC output breaker and 1 DC input breaker
  • Midnite E-Panel for Conext SW Inverter/Charger
  • Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller/s (150, 200, or 250)
  • Midnite Solar Whizbang Jr current sense module provides battery state of charge
  • Three (3) Midnite Solar 300V Surge Protection Devices
  • AC Breakers with Bypass assembly
  • Assembly, testing, and packaging of system
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty and Individual Manufacturer Parts Warranties - PLUS Extended Warranty available to bring Parts Warranties to 5 Years (item code SVC5YRWARREXTPW)
  • Actual Weight and Dims: 120 lbs, 21"H x 35"W x 10"D
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