Nick Albright

Nick Albright

What I do here: Chief Geek!

Number of years at altE: All of them/since 1999. = )

My favorite alternative energy technology: I'm torn. I love the return on investment of solar thermal, but PV panels are so shiny!

Ways I personally make renewable do-able: It's a collection of small every day things, from minimizing waste, reducing electrical usage (Using LEDs and CFLs, unscrewing unneeded lights in a circuit). Oh, and my very cool solar powered keyboard. :) Looking forward to a PV system once I own a home.

Favorite time of year: Fall! You can't beat that wonderful smell, or the energizing chill in the air.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Nick Name: Yes! Nick!

My favorite hobbies/activities outside of altE are: Racquetball, Piano and Origami.

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