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So Far So Good by Ed Geis
Date Added: February 20, 2018
These are my first panels (other than a portable one on my sailboat), so I don't have much basis for comparison, but they've been in service for 2 months now and they're working great.

I have them in strings of 3, Voc runs 115-120 typically (we've had some extremely cold temps. this winter, -20C, and the Voc has never exceeded 122v.) On full sun days they produce their nameplate wattage, even more on partly cloudy days (the "cloud edge effect" I gather).

They're made in Korea, seem to be good quality and the company has a solid reputation. I ended up scratching one on the backpanels during installation, contacted the company and with a little nagging they sent me some repair tape free of charge. I think they were just busy and not communicating as well as they could have, but they came through in the end so I was pleased. The scratched panel is a spare.

Price was excellent, AltE worked with me on pricing and gave me the pallet price even though I was a few panels short of an actual panel.

I would definitely recommend these, although only time will tell how well they last. Very happy so far.
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