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Genasun, founded in 2005 by MIT engineers, specializes in manufacturing solar charge controllers that are able to operate in extreme environments. What do we mean by "extreme environments"? Genasun charge controllers operate reliably everywhere from solar arrays in Antarctica to powering upper-atmosphere flights with solar power. Watch our video series below to learn more about the Genasun line of solar charge controllers.

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Genasun Solar Charge Controllers

Genasun charge controllers are known for being lightweight, reliable and highly efficient. Due to their size and reliability, they work very well in marine, urban, portable and electric vehicle (drone, plane and RV) applications.

Solar Charge Controllers with Genasun

Genasun solar charge controllers can integrate into solar systems with many different battery chemistries including lead-acid, AGM, gel and lithium. Their tracking is extremely fast, tracking at 15X per second all while being up to 98% efficient. This means they are a great choice for environments where clouds, shading or uneven conditions exist like in urban settings (think solar powered parking meters or traffic signals) or on boats. Watch the video above to learn more!

Genasun Solar Charge Controller Overview

Learn more in the video above about specific Genasun product attributes including the unique performance characteristics of the GV-Boost feature. Unlike most MPPT charge controllers, GV-Boost allows for increased voltage from the solar panel to the battery. This means that you can take voltage from a relatively small PV panel, like 12V or 24V, and use it to charge a battery up to 48V. Most other MPPT charge controllers can only step down voltage from a high voltage solar panel to the lower voltage battery or battery bank.

Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller

Check out our video where we demonstrate Genasun’s GV-Boost feature in action. Here we show how you can charge a 36V or 48V battery bank with a single solar panel.

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