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Sunlinq 25 Watt 12V Foldable Solar Panel

Sunlinq 25 Watt 12V Foldable Solar Panel
Sunlinq 25 Watt 12V Foldable Solar Panel
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Item code Brand name Model number Volts Amps Watts Cell Tech Connector Type
GLOSNLNQ25 Sunlinq 22026S 12V 1.5A 25W C.I.G.S/thin-flim SAE 2-Prong Plug
Please note: These folding modules should not be used in marine applications where they would be exposed to salt water. Use in a marine environment will void the warranty.
Global Solar SUNLINQ Foldable PV Modules

P3 Solar
Foldable PV Modules
SL-12 and SL-25

P3 Solar thin-film photovoltaic technology is perfect for charging many consumer products. Lightweight, foldable and durable, their solar cell designs are a proven product already used in space, military equipment, and large grid systems. Their consumer products are designed to charge and maintain your batteries and provide power for your portable electronics including cell phones, PDA devices, and MP3 players. These solar products are great for campers, hikers or anyone who spends extended time outdoors.


SUNLINQ™ with PowerFLEX™ technology is able to charge rechargeable flash lights, lanterns, cell phones, GPS units, satellite phones, MP3 players and portable games. Just about anything that is capable of being charged through a standard cigarette lighter adapter (included). SUNLINQ™ is available in 12W or 25W foldable solar panels.

These panels made with PowerFLEX™ technology have a polyurethane coating and are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable. CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells, a material proven to be stable, and provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon.

SunLinq series panels cannot be used to charge large Lithium Ion or NiMH batteries but can be used for small Lithium Ion and NiMH batteries such as those that are in personal electronic devices (cellphones, iPods, etc). They can be used for charging flooded lead acid batteries as well. For information on using the SunLinq for charging laptops, see the "Laptop Solutions 4 Options" file in the Product Documentation section above!

A Folded SUNLINQ™ Solar Panel


SUNLINQ™ Foldable PV Module
SUNLINQ™ Foldable PV Module SP-12
SUNLINQ™ Foldable PV Module SP-12 with Car Battery
SUNLINQ™ Foldable PV Module SP-25 with Car Battery  


  • Flexible and durable solar cells based on the revolutionary CIGS technology: a proven innovation used in space, military and large grid installations.
  • Designed to provide years of reliable service with patented high performance flexible photovoltaic cells
  • Lightweight less than 1-lb. each panel
  • Offers higher cell efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies at a reduced cost
  • Functions with many devices even in cloudy and rainy skies
  • It can be mounted to curved surfaces
  • Fully Weatherproofed
  • UV resistant
  • Easily folds into a planner-size pack that fits virtually anywhere including backpacks, glove boxes, purses, cargo pant pockets
  • Can be easily installed on any backpack, tents or jackets
  • Cigarette lighter adapter included

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Model Number SL-12 SL-25
Maximum current at STC* (mA) 800 1500
Nominal Operating Voltage (V) 12V 12V
Typical Power (Watts) at STC* 11 25
Maximum Power (Watts) 12 25
Cell Temperature Operating Range -40 ºF to 176 ºF
(-40 ºC to 80 ºC)
-40 ºF to 176 ºF
(-40 ºC to 80 ºC)
Folded Dimensions 9" x 5" x 0.5"
(229mm x 127mm x 12.7mm)
11" x 8.25" x 0.7"
(279mm x 210mm x 17.78mm)
Deployed Dimensions 29.5" x 18" x 0.03"
(749.3mm x 457mm x 0.762mm)
41.25" x 21.50" x 0.03"
(1048mm x 546mm x 0.762mm)
Weight 0.9 lb (0.4 kg) 1.7 lb (0.77 kg)

*Standard Test Conditions: Irradiance level 1000W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25 ºC

Global Solar SUNLINQ™

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Portable Power for Amateur Radios


I use a Sunlinq Portable Power Pack coupled with the 7 amp charge controller and feed into a Xantrex 1500 backup power system. This setup allows me to operate my amateur radios from remote locations easily and effectively. I put this kit into service last year, and it still performs well. I am ad...
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25W Sunlinq and 7A Controller


I've had some opportunity to try out the new Sunlinq 25W 12v Portable Power Pack. With initial testing it appears to perform very well for my purposes.

This 25W Sunlinq was acquired to work in conjunction with a Xantrex 600HD Inverter with 35Ah AGM "scooter batteries" as...
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Solar In Alaska!


I purchased and used the Global Solar Sunlinq 25 Watt folding solar panel on a fishing trip to Alaska. We used it to charge cell phones, video batteries, and satellite phone while staying in a remote cabin 20 miles from the nearest utilities. I love the wilderness, but also like the ability to ke...
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