Outback PSX-240 Autotransformer with Fan

Outback PSX-240 Autotransformer with Fan
Outback PSX-240 Autotransformer with Fan
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6 kVA 120/240 VAC 60 Hz Transformer


The OutBack PSX-240 auto transformer can be used for step-up, step-down, generator and split phase output balancing or as a series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former. Incorporating a transformer with 120 volt/30 amp primary and secondary side, a temperature activated cooling fan and a 25 amp dual breaker in a steal enclosure, the PSX-240 is ready to install in your custom application. Use for 120 or 240 VAC 60 Hz systems only.

Powering 240 volt items like deep well pumps with a single 120 volt inverter is possible thanks to the PSX-240’s step-up capability. Its step-down feature allows you to charge your batteries with a 240 volt generator through a single 120 volt inverter. The PSX-240’s ability to balance the output of series stacked inverter/chargers makes it a critical item when using the OutBack stacking 120/240 VAC configuration.

A Note About Generator Charging Functions: The 6kVA limitation is not for a generator charging into 1 or 2 inverters but instead it's the limitation in the inbalance (difference) between the two legs that would be to the two inverters at once. For example, you couldn't have one leg charging one inverter at say 3kVA and the other above 9kVA. The transformer itself, if the legs are matched in the current passing through, can support a full load of 60A at 240VAC. So the transformer can actually support a balanced charging load of up to ~14kVA!

The FW-X240 (4 kVA) is also available without the enclosure, for installation inside the FW500-AC or FW1000-AC enclosures.

Two year limited warranty.

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