FlexCharge Digital DC Timer

FlexCharge Digital DC Timer
FlexCharge Digital DC Timer
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ALRFLEXCHARGE SES Flexcharge USA FlexCharge Timer 12V

FlexchargeFlexCharge Timer



The Flexcharge digital timer is a 7-day, 8-event digital clock based programmable load controller. Multiple load ON and OFF times can be programmed and each day can be programmed with it's own unique timing pattern. Eight ON and eight OFF events can be programmed independently. The minimum time is 1 minute OFF or ON. 

For example: use one ON event to have a light come on at 7pm every day then use seven OFF events to turn the light off at a different time each day. The replaceable internal battery maintains the clock and programmed memory in the event of a system power failure (for up to 3 months).

Alternative Energy Engineering FlexCharge TimerConsumes less than 3 mA in standby mode. Internal DPST (double-pole-single-throw) relay switch can turn one load on at the same time that it turns another load off. Timer switch can handle up to 8 amps of inductive load or up to 16 amps of resistive load, at 6 to 36 VDC or 120 VAC. Timer requires 12 V DC or AC to operate. Reverse polarity protected.

Manual override allows the user to turn the load ON or OFF as desired. Easy to use terminal block for wiring. Dry contacts. 1-year warranty.

Dimensions: 3.9"W x 3.8"H x 2"D


Flexcharge timer

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Best DC timer I've seen


This is a DC powered timer - not AC so it must have a quartz clock inside (cheap AC timers just use AC pulses to track time). It keeps track of the day of the week as well as the time (down to the second!) so you can have your electric blinds roll up on weekdays and not do anything on Saturday an...
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Worth the money


I bought 3 of these timers for my chicken coops. I needed a reliable timer to keep the lights on and my hens in production through the dark winter months. I also needed the flexibility to acheive multiple lighting schedules using a 12 VDC system.

They have proven to be reliable, easy t...
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