Midnite Solar 600VDC Shut Off Box Receiver
Midnite Solar 90-305VAC Shut Off Box Transmitter

Midnite Solar 600VDC Shut Off Box Receiver
Midnite Solar 600VDC Shut Off Box Receiver
Midnite Solar 90-305VAC Shut Off Box Transmitter
Midnite Solar 90-305VAC Shut Off Box Transmitter

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Model: MNLSOB-R1-600 (600VDC SOB Receiver) MNLSOB-T1-AC (90-305VAC SOB Transmitter)
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MIDMNLSOBR600 Midnite Solar, Inc. MNLSOB-R1-600
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Midnite Solar Midnite Solar SOB

Midnite Solar
Shut Off Boxes

The Midnite Solar SOB is a simple-to-install, low-cost, Rapid Shutdown System solution - designed to comply with NEC 2014 and NEC 2017.  The system uses a receiver at the module that wires in, just like an optimizer, and a transmitter that is installed in or near the inverter.  The installer does not need to install any other wiring between the transmitter and receiver.  The system is fail safe.  If the receiver does not sense the signal from the transmitter, it turns off and opens up the circuit. 

  • Receiver is fail safe, if PLC signal goes away- the SOB turns off the string
  • A receiver is placed at the end of each string - up to six strings
  • A transmitter is placed inside a grid tie inverter wiring compartment
  • The PV positive wire runs through the transmitter core to induce a signal in the PV wire
  • Transmitters requires 12-16 VDC to power supply
  • Module level shut down can be achieved by installing one receiver per panel
  • Available for 600V or 1000V string voltage
  • 80V maximum panel voltage
  • 12A maximum string current
  • Operating temperature range: – 40ºC to +80ºC
  • Installation diagrams and instructions found in DOCUMENTS tab above
  • Midnite SOB Wiring Diagram


The MNLSOB can be used as either a string level shutdown or modular level shutdown depending on system requirements. At this time it can't be used with charge controllers because of signal interference but we are working hard to resolve that issue and expect to have a solution available soon.The Bleed Down unit contains its own transmitter and does not require a separate transmitter to be purchased.

This does not directly replace the Birdhouse.  If a customer would like a disconnecting combiner with remote shutdown, they would still use the Birdhouse.

Midnite Solar

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