IMO FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Module
IMO FireRaptor Emergency Shutdown Switch
IMO FireRaptor Signal Cable

IMO FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Module
IMO FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Module
IMO FireRaptor Emergency Shutdown Switch
IMO FireRaptor Emergency Shutdown Switch
IMO FireRaptor Signal Cable
IMO FireRaptor Signal Cable
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Model: FRS-01 (RSD Unit) FRS-ESW1 (Shutdown Switch) FRS-SIGCAB1.8-F (70" Signal Cable)
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IMOFRS01 IMO Automation FRS-01
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Fire Raptor Solution

IMO Automation
PV Rapid Shutdown Solution

The FireRaptor from IMO Automation is a reliable solar safety product that offers three ways to achieve solar panel rapid shutdown - down to zero volts - in case of fire or emergency.  There is manual shutdown with a push button switch that can be placed anywhere on the site.  There is automatic shutdown if the embedded temperature sensor in the FireRaptor goes above 85 degrees C (185F).  And then if the external AC power supply is disconnected, automatic shutdown occurs. 

The FireRaptor unit isolates the DC wiring directly behind the solar panels. Each FireRaptor operates two solar panels and is positioned behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. The FireRaptor is rated at 700W (350W/panel when using a 2:1 panel ratio), so can operate with most types of solar panels currently available on the market, or it can be connected to a single solar panel.  They are connected in series using Staubli MC4 connectors and the signal cable is then taken to the Emergency Switch, which can be situated anywhere inside or outside the building.

The FireRaptor offers completely independent functionality, allowing it to be fitted with new PV installations or retro-fitted to existing ones, and it is the first product of its kind on the market to not function by utilizing Power Line Communications. This speaks to the truly agnostic and mechanical nature of the device thus not allowing it to cause interference with other components downstream, such as inverters, charge controllers etc.


  • Manual & automatic shutdown to ZERO volts
  • Solid state switch and no use of PLCs (Power Line Communications) means less electronic interference and more reliability
  • Suitable for new installations or retro-fit
  • Compatible with any string inverter, and has tested and partnered with Fronius, SMA, Outback and others
  • Installation can be 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 depending on PV VOC.  If installing 2 panels, each panel must be under 40V.
  • Switches include 24VDC power supply, and are available to handle up to 125 RSD modules
  • Switches can be hard wired or allow for remote alarm signalling
  • End cable for use at the end of PV string is available to order, that is terminated at one end with a Tyco female connector (1.8m/71" long)
  • UL PVRSS (Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System) listing under UL1741 guidelines
  • NEC2017 & NEC2020 compliant
  • 20 Year Warranty

Specifications Rapid Shutdown Module:

DC Power Supply 24VDC suitable for up to 20 FireRaptor units (40 panels)
PV Connectors Staubli MC4
Max System Input Power 700W for 1:1 panel installation
(350W per panel for 2:1 panel installation)
Max System Input Voltage 150V (75V per panel)
Max System Input and Output Current 12A
Max Input Short Circuit Current 15A
Max Isolation Voltage 1500V
Max System Output Voltage 150V (75V per panel)
Input Protection Over voltage & transient voltage suppression
Output Protection Over voltage, over current & transient voltage suppression
IP Class Protection >IP68 (designed to comply with NEMA 4X
PV Casing Flame retardant ABS - UL94-V0
Operating Temperature

-30°C to +95°C
Ambient Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C
Weight 2 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.94" x 1.18" x 5.78"
Standard Compliance EN 61000, EN 61646, EN 61215, IEC 62716 draft C (NH3 resistant),
VDE-AR-E 2100-712, BS 7671-712, UL 174

Specifications Emergency Shutdown Switch:

Rated Input Voltage 90-264VAC
Rated Input Current 200mA (Vi 115VAC)
Rated Input Frequency 47-63Hz
Input Fuse T1A (250VAC)
Rated Output Voltage 24VDC
Rated Output Current 420mA
Rated Output Power 10W
Ambient Operating Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Weight 1 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H)

4.92" x 2.95" x 4.92"

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