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Worth the $ by Toni & Greg Bodin
Date Added: January 20, 2009
I had to learn about lightning arrestor the hard way. Well worth the small investment. The manufacturer is in my home town. Alt E quoted me a better price (including shipping) than buying directly from the Delta factory here in town.
Date Added: March 01, 2011
I have had one of these installed for years. A while back I was sitting on the porch watching a thunderstorm blow through when BANG! there was a strike right on the power pole for the house! It was like a shotgun sound and no delay from flash to bang, a very memorable experience! I later checked out all our electronics and found that the internet modem had fried -- the sparks had crawled in the coax cable. But ALL the ELECTRONICS in the house were FINE! Several computers, entertainment system and much more were protected.

The story gets more interesting! a few days later I noticed a number of the appliances were humming, so I checked the line voltage in an outlet and found that it was 140V! I called the utility company and they were out here very quickly. It turns out the transformer had been damaged by the lightning strike and they replaced it.

So clearly the delta surge protectors are worth their weight in gold, no home should be without one!
Lightning protection by RICK WESLEY
Date Added: February 23, 2009
The specs on this look good. Hope I never have to test how good this unit is. This seems to be about the only brand available for this purpose.
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