Trojan 6V-GEL 6V, 189AH (20HR) Gel Battery

Trojan 6V-GEL 6V, 189AH (20HR) Gel Battery
Trojan 6V-GEL 6V, 189AH (20HR) Gel Battery
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Item code Brand name Model number Volts Amp Hours
TRO6V-GEL Trojan Batteries 6V-GEL 6V 189A-H
Please Note: All of our Trojan batteries are shipped directly, fresh from the Trojan factory to ensure the longest lifetime and minimize their self-discharging.

Trojan will only drop ship batteries within the lower 48 states and Canada. Shipments to HI or AK will need to be consolidated in our warehouse prior to shipping.
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Trojan Battery Company Trojan 6V-GEL Battery

Trojan Battery Company
6V, 189AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Trojan's deep-cycle gel batteries are sealed, maintenance-free batteries that deliver superior power in demanding renewable energy applications. Engineered for rugged durability, outstanding performance and long battery life, Trojan's deep-cycle gel batteries feature a number of important design characteristics that provide significant advantages over competing gel products. The gelled electrolyte is a proprietary formulation containing sulfuric acid, fumed silica, pure demineralized, deionized water and a phosphoric acid additive. This exclusive formulation produces a homogenous gel that delivers consistent performance and dramatically long cycle life. The heavy-duty grids lock active material onto the grid network to efficiently deliver more concentrated energy to the terminals. Premium grade, double-insulated separators allow maximum charge flow between the plates for optimum performance.

Product Specifications

BCI Group Size Type Capacity Amp-Hours
(20-Hr Rate)
Voltage Length Width Height Weight
GC2 6V-GEL 189 AH 6V 10.25" 7.125" 10.875" 68 lbs.

Gel Battery Cycle Life

The most important characteristic to consider when purchasing a deep-cycle battery for a renewable energy application is cycle life. This is usually measured as the number of discharge/charge cycles the battery can provide before its capacity drops to a specified percentage of its rated capacity (i.e. 50%). Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same capacity and energy content and be similar in weight, but design, materials, process, experience and quality control have a big influence on how long the battery will cycle. When comparing two batteries of equal Ah capacity and cost, a battery capable of 1,000 cycles is effectively half the total life cost of one that is only capable of 500 cycles.

Terminal Configurations

Universal Terminal Universal Terminal Polyon Case
Terminal Height Inches (mm)
1-1/8 (28)
Torque Values in-lb (Nm)
95-105 (10.7 - 11.9)
Through-hole Diameter (mm)
5/16-18 (8) * Polyon Case

Trojan Battery Company

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