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Sealed Gel Cell Batteries

Gelled lead acid batteries actually predate the AGM type, but are losing market share to them. They have many of the same advantages over flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries as AGM, including ease of transportation. The main exception is that the gelled electrolyte in Sealed Gel Cell batteries is highly viscous, and the recombination of the gases generated while charging occurs at a much slower rate. This means that they typically have to be charged slower than either FLA or AGM batteries. Keep in mind: in a solar electric system you have a fixed amount of sun hours every day, and need to store every solar watt you can before the sun goes down.

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Product Name  Volts Amp Hours Price
  Universal Ub24Gel, 12V,74Ah (20Hr) Sealed Gel Cell     Universal Ub24Gel, 12V,74Ah (20Hr) Sealed Gel Cell   Universal Battery UB-24 GEL UNV24GEL Universal Ub24Gel, 12V,74Ah (20Hr) Sealed Gel Cell  12 V  74 A-H $228.92

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If charged at too high a rate, gas pockets form on the plates and force the gelled electrolyte away from the plates, decreasing the battery's capacity until the gas finds its way to the top of the battery and is recombined with the electrolyte. For use in a grid-tie with backup system, or any system where discharge rates are less than severe, gel batteries may be an excellent choice.

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