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Trojan Reliant L16-AGM 6V, 370 AH AGM Sealed Battery

Trojan Reliant L16-AGM 6V, 370 AH AGM Sealed Battery
Trojan Reliant L16-AGM 6V, 370 AH AGM Sealed Battery
Item code Brand name Model number Volts Amp Hours
TROL16AGM Trojan Batteries L16-AGM 6V 370A-H
Please Note: All of our Trojan batteries are shipped directly, fresh from the Trojan factory to ensure the longest lifetime and minimize their self-discharging.

Trojan will only drop ship batteries within the lower 48 states and Canada. Shipments to HI or AK will need to be consolidated in our warehouse prior to shipping.

Trojan Battery Company

Reliant AGM Deep Cycle Battery
6V, 370 AH

Trojan’s Reliant™ Line of U.S.-made Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries feature design elements that offer a new direction in AGM technology. As the only true deep-cycle AGM battery on the market today, Reliant is engineered with an advanced technology feature set that provides maintenance-free convenience, maximum sustained performance and improved total energy output, delivering the exceptional quality and reliability Trojan batteries are known for.


  • Remote locations where batteries can not be maintained
  • Sensitive equipment areas such as hospitals, airports, and eductational facilities
  • Aerial work platforms, floor cleaning, material handling, recreation, golf, renewable energy, and remote telecom

  • Proprietary paste formula - maximizes sustained performance and increases total energy output
  • Unique separator composition - protects against stratification for extended battery life
  • Plastic polymer case design - with reinforced walls increases durability and provides higher battery cell compression to ensure reliable performance
  • Maximum flame arrestors - one per cell, provides maximum battery safety
  • Non-spillable/does not release gasses under normal operating conditions - can be used in sensitive equipment and around people
  • Maintenance free - sealed batteries mean there is no need to remember to water your batteries
  • Versatile- require less ventilation, and can be installed on their sides

    BCI Group Size 903
    Voltage 6V
    Capacity Amp-Hours (20-Hr Rate) 370 Ah
    Terminal Type M8/DT/LT
    Dimensions 11.66" x 6.94" x 16.31"
    Weight 115 lbs
    Operating Temperature -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

    Reliant AGM with C-Max Technology:

    See more technical information in the Product Documentation section above!


    How is Reliant AGM different from competitor products? Reliant AGM is a true deep-cycle AGM battery designed to withstand the rigors of deep-cycling applications. Trojan’s Reliant AGM focuses on providing customers with maximum sustained capacity and increased total energy output versus competitor products which typically focus on high peak capacity, sacrificing life and sustained capacity.

    Why is Reliant AGM positioned as a true deep-cycle AGM battery? Most AGM batteries on the market today are designed for dual-purpose or standby applications, such as UPS backup, and not specifically for deep-cycle applications. Trojan has focused on deep-cycle technology longer than any other battery manufacturer, and has utilized this expertise in developing the industry’s most reliable AGM battery. Trojan’s Reliant AGM is specifically designed for deep-cycle applications.

    What is C-Max Technology? Similar to T2 Technology™ in Trojan’s flooded batteries, C-Max Technology™ is an advanced technology feature set that provides outstanding sustained performance and total energy output. C-Max Technology incorporates a proprietary paste formula, unique separator, a special polymer case design and a flame arrestor for each cell.

    Why would a customer want to purchase a Trojan Reliant AGM battery versus a Trojan flooded battery? AGM batteries are non-spillable and do not release gasses under normal operating conditions, which allows them to be used in sensitive equipment and around people. Additionally, some customers simply want the maintenance-free convenience of not having to water a battery. They are also optimal for remote locations where batteries cannot be maintained on a regular basis, and they last longer than a flooded battery that is not properly maintained.

    What is the warranty on Reliant AGM batteries? Reliant AGM has a one year limited warranty, similar to other Trojan Battery products.

    Trojan Battery Company

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