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KiloVault 2V 1000Ah XLC Advanced AGM Battery

KiloVault 2V 1000Ah XLC Advanced AGM Battery
KiloVault 2V 1000Ah XLC Advanced AGM Battery
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KLV2V1000XLC KiloVault 2V 1000 XLC 2V 1000Ah

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KiloVault 2V 1000 XLC Battery

Advanced Lead Carbon
Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Solar Battery
2V 1000 XLC

NEW at altE ! 
Our newest member of the KiloVault family - the big sister to the PLC!  The 2V 1000 XLC is an advanced lead carbon sealed AGM deep cycle solar battery, for cycling applications.  KiloVault 2V 1000 XLC is a cost-effective, maintenance-free battery that offers superior performance in off grid or battery backup applications that require larger energy storage.


  • Maintenance Free - No watering required, with long shelf life that has low self-discharge rate
  • Maximized Cycle Life - Affordable high performance with 2500 Cycles @ 50% depth of discharge
  • Super-Fast Charging - Excellent charging acceptance and super fast charge/discharge performance. Also good recovery on deep discharge.
  • Exceptional Value - Pay less up front and get lower overall cost per kWh cycle than other lead acid batteries
  • Advanced Technology - 2V XLC has a specially formulated carbon additive that enhances the overall battery life
  • Partial State of Charge Applications - greater cycle life in both PSoC and non-PSoC off-grid operations. 
  • UL Listed
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Specifications:

    Specifications: 2V 1000XLC
    Rated Energy Capacity
    (Watt Hours)
    2000 Wh
    Rated Voltage 2V
    Nominal Amp-Hour Capacity 1000 Ah
    Float Charging Voltage 2.25V/Cell
    Bulk/Absorption Voltage 2.35V- 2.4V/ Cell
    Max Discharge Current (surge) 500A (5s)
    Max Charge Current 200A per string
    Max Configuration Up to 4 parallel strings of batteries
    wired in series:
    12V: 6 Batteries in series per string (Max 24)
    24V: 12 Batteries in series per string (Max 48)
    48V: 24 Batteries in series per string (Max 96)
    Nominal Operating Temperature Range 77° +/- 5°F (25° +/- 3°C)
    Operating Temperature Range Discharging: -4 - 131°F (-20 - 55°C)
    Charging: 32 - 104°F (0 – 40°C)
    Storage: 4 - 122°F (-20 – 50°C)
    Cycle Life 2500 (50% DoD)
    Self-Discharge Rate Batteries can be stored up to 6
    months at 25°C (77°F) before a
    freshening charge is required.
    For higher temperatures the
    time interval will be shorter.
    Terminals Top Terminal M8
    Battery Interconnects /Terminal Covers Not Included
    (H X W X D)
    14in x 14.5in x 7.1in
    Weight 135 lbs
    Warranty 3 Year

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