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Dive Deeper into AGM Power: Your Guide to Deep Cycle Performance

Tired of unreliable batteries that leave you powerless when you need them most? Enter the world of AGM batteries, the workhorses of the deep cycle realm. But let's break down the acronyms: "AGM" stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, referring to the innovative technology that sets these batteries apart. Unlike their "standard flooded" counterparts, AGM batteries contain the electrolyte (a mix of sulfuric acid and water) absorbed in a special fiberglass mat, making them leakproof and maintenance-free.

So, how do AGM batteries work? It all boils down to the internal resistance. AGM batteries boast lower internal resistance than flooded batteries, allowing for faster charging and higher discharge rates. This translates to deeper discharges and longer-lasting power, perfect for deep cycle applications like powering RVs, boats, off-grid systems, and solar setups.

But why are AGM batteries superior for deep cycling? It's all about the lead plates. AGM batteries pack more thicker, denser lead plates, increasing their surface area and capacity for storing energy. Additionally, the fiberglass mat keeps the plates tightly compressed and suspended, preventing vibration damage and extending their lifespan.

What about charging? Charging an AGM battery is similar to a flooded battery, but with a crucial difference: AGM batteries require a specific voltage to avoid overcharging and damage. Most modern chargers cater to AGM batteries, but always double-check your charger's compatibility before plugging it in.

Now, let's compare AGM batteries to their closest relatives, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. Both are sealed and maintenance-free, but AGM batteries offer higher discharge rates and better performance in extreme temperatures. Additionally, AGM batteries tolerate deeper discharges without sulfation, a major nemesis of flooded batteries.

Ultimately, AGM batteries are the go-to choice for demanding deep cycle applications. Their maintenance-free operation, exceptional performance, and extended lifespan make them a worthwhile investment for those seeking reliable power off the grid or on the go. 
Product Name Volts Amp Hours $ / Wh Price 
  Concorde Sun Xtender  PVX-2580L, 12V, 258AH AGM Battery     Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-2580L, 12V, 258AH AGM Battery   Concorde PVX-2580L CONPVX-2580L Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-2580L, 12V, 258AH AGM Battery 4.0 1  12 V  258 A-H  0.30  $919.36

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle batteries are seeing more and more use in solar electric systems as their price comes down and as more people’s preferences shift toward systems that are easy to maintain. This makes sealed AGM batteries ideal for grid-tied solar systems with battery backup.

Our AGM solar batteries provide exceptionally reliable deep cycling performance, delivering the ultimate quality for your solar energy system. With Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, there is no need to worry about potential spills, and maintenance is virtually non-existent. Engineered to offer vibration resistance and hassle-free valve-regulated operation, altE's top-quality sealed AGM deep cycle batteries boost your system's overall reliability and performance while allowing you to reap the benefits of a longer life cycle.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries should be discharged to 50-80% of their rated capacity to maximize their lifespan. With 50% being the standard for flooded lead acid batteries and 80% being the low end of the standard for lithium batteries, AGM batteries for solar are a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to lithium, and an excellent choice for both full- and part-time residences.

More Info on Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

AGM's typically have less than a 2% self discharge rate during transport and storage. Because they are fully sealed, they can be transported easily and safely by air, can be mounted on their side or end, and are extremely vibration resistant. AGM's come in most popular battery sizes and are even available in large 2-volt cells for the ultimate in low-maintenance large system storage.

Because of their high cost when first introduced to the market, AGM batteries were mostly used in commercial installations where maintenance was either impossible or more expensive than the price of the batteries. Now that the cost is coming down, they are seeing use in all types of solar systems - clearly some of today's owners feel the advantages of AGM deep cycle batteries outweigh the price difference and maintenance requirements of flooded lead acid batteries.

AGM Deep Cycle Battery Features

  • Grids are made from a heavy-duty alloy that is resistant to corrosion
  • The high-density positive active material supports structure during the deep cycling process
  • The carbon-enhanced negative active material boosts cycling performance and charge acceptance
  • The expertly engineered glass mat separators help inhibit internal shorts and acid stratification
  • The low self-discharge rates allow for longer storage periods without requiring you to boost the charge repeatedly

Benefits of Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Because sealed AGM solar batteries are completely sealed, they:

  • Can't be spilled
  • Do not need periodic watering
  • Emit no corrosive fumes
  • Use an electrolyte that will not stratify

How Do AGM Solar Batteries Work?

The defining characteristic of an AGM solar battery is the thin, ultra-fine fiberglass mat that is placed in between the plates. Proper engineering ensures that the mat and plates are packed tightly, minimizing the possibility and effects of vibration.

Originally, engineers developed AGM technology for use with military aircraft, so efficiency was essential - and now, you can benefit from this precision-level engineering.

When to Use AGM Batteries

Depending on your preferences, budget, long-term goals, and solar setup, you can determine whether AGM batteries are the right option. An AGM solar battery is an ideal choice in scenarios such as:

  • Poorly-ventilated areas where fumes and/or hydrogen cannot be permitted
  • Setups where fumes could result in corrosion to electronics (such as cell phone sites)
  • When shock- and vibration-resistance is crucial
  • When spilled acid (for example from broken, leaking, or tipped batteries) cannot be allowed
  • When maintenance is challenging and/or expensive (often due to the location of installation)
  • When in an area where batteries may be subject to freezing (40°F and lower)
  • Any setup that requires a reliable, fully sealed battery for environmental and/or safety reasons (inside an RV, an enclosed space on a boat, wheelchairs, etc.)

Browse Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Batteries for Sale Now

altE offers an outstanding selection of AGM solar battery options, including batteries from the industry's most trusted brands. If an AGM solar battery is correct for you, you can find a broad range from altE. And if you aren't sure how to choose the best AGM battery, our team is always here to help.

Explore our full selection of AGM deep cycle solar batteries and start shopping now.

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