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SimpliPhi AccESS 14kWh Energy Storage System Outback - DC Coupled

SimpliPhi AccESS 14kWh Energy Storage System Outback - DC Coupled
SimpliPhi AccESS 14kWh Energy Storage System Outback - DC Coupled
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SIMACCOUTBACK14 SimpliPhi Power 14 kWh Radian AccESS - DC

SimpliPhi Power logo AccESS Power Unit with Outback Power

SimpliPhi Power
AccESS Energy Storage Solution
With Outback Power

SimpliPhi Power has partnered with Outback Power to develop a 14 kWh pre-wired, pre-programmed plug-and-play unit for battery backup and offgrid applications.  These units are NEMA 3R outdoor rated, and are designed for quick and easy install.  Available and ready to ship directly from Manufacturer - no certification required!

NOTE: Image to the right shows one charge controller in the unit.  The unit comes with two (2) FLEXmax 80 charge controllers.  Will be updated as soon as Mfr. has correct image.


  • New installations
  • DC Coupled applications for battery backup
  • Off grid applications
  • Outdoor installation
  • Features:

  • Pre-programmed ESS for backup power, peak-shaving, and self-consumption of solar PV
  • Internal transfer switch automatically disconnects from the grid during power outages and provides standby power for critical circuits
  • Outdoor rated enclosure can be free-standing, or pad-mounted
  • Advanced LFP batteries with a 10,000 cycle / 10-year warranty
  • Manufacturer warranty on inverter/charger and components
  • 98% round trip efficiency
  • System monitoring by Mate 3s and OPTICS RE for remote system monitoring by web browser or mobile device app
  • No cobalt , thermal regulation, cooling, or risk of fire
  • Extended operating temperature
  • Standard features include Solar MPPT charge controller for a DC-Coupled or Off Grid application, as well as Automatic Generator control for additional standby power
  • Rule 21 Compliant for CA and HI 14H
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Specifications for AccESS with Outback Power Radian GS8048A:

    SimpliPhi AccESS Outback Power Chart

    Installation tips:

  • Ships on its side, in a secure wooden crate
  • Batteries are shipped separately, and installed after lifting the unit upright and out of crate (The cables will be wired to the power panel already, however the installer will need to connect each positive and negative to the battery) 
  • Unit is 700 lbs without the batteries
  • Can be installed indoors (garage, basement, utility room) or outdoors (on concrete pad)
  • No heating/cooling necessary
  • No wall mounting
  • Basic SimpliPhi settings come pre-programmed

  • SimpliPhi Power logo

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