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KiloVault HAB-XL 400Ah 48V Lithium Battery

KiloVault HAB-XL 400Ah 48V Lithium Battery
KiloVault HAB-XL 400Ah 48V Lithium Battery

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KiloVault™ HAB-XL 19.2 kWh LFP Energy Storage System

  • Highest storage capacity of any single battery unit available today
  • Handles over 2x the power demands of the competition
  • Insane scalability to over .33 megawatt-hours of storage

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One Lithium Battery to Rule Them All

The KiloVault HAB-XL truly delivers as advertised. While the "rated capacity" of other deep-cycle batteries usually oversells their true potential for energy storage, the HAB-XL provides its full rated capacity of 19.2 kWh (400 amp-hours) of usable energy storage in a single 48V battery. One HAB-XL is enough for a typical single-family home (no need for extra cables and balancing between multiple batteries in a bank!), but up to 20 can be connected in parallel to bring up to 384 kWh of power to commercial and industrial operations.

But what good is 400 amp-hours of stored energy if you can't use it the way you need to? Not much good at all, which is why the HAB-XL was designed with advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) cells capable of sustaining extremely high discharge current. If you're grid-connected and have a standard 150-amp electrical panel, you can try running enough appliances and tools simultaneously to trip your main panel breaker - and then rest assured knowing the HAB-XL can handle even more demand than that. With an industry-leading 180A of continuous discharge current (and up to 500A for demand surges up to 3 seconds), the HAB-XL is truly suited for powering a full-time residence or business.

a KiloVault HAB-XL in a residential home living room

Easy Access. Easy Installation.

the top hatch on the KiloVault HAB-XL

All wiring connections are made at the top of the HAB-XL - simply open the hatch to reveal the compartment where the connections are made. At about 4 feet high, accessing this roomy top compartment is easy on your back and your hands.

The HAB-XL is pre-configured for plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of hybrid inverters including Sol-Ark, Schneider, Growatt, Victron, SMA, Megarevo, and others, and supports closed-loop communication with Sol-Ark and Schneider XW Pro inverters.

Unlike the wall-mounted HAB 7.5kWh Lithium Battery, casters at the base make it possible for one person to roll the HAB-XL to another room. Should you need to move it up or down stairs, the rear of the IP54-rated housing can be opened and the battery modules can be removed and moved separately from the housing.

a KiloVault HAB-XL in a commercial office building

Safety First. Performance Always.

the integrated breaker on the KiloVault HAB-XL

Not satisfied simply with the inherent safety of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells, KiloVault has secured ETL listing to the UL9540A fire safety standard for the HAB-XL - the new standard for home energy storage systems. The HAB-XL also features an integrated breaker and integrated rapid shutdown, a National Electric Code requirement for solar power systems.

An advanced built-in advanced Battery Management System (BMS) helps ensure your HAB-XL batteries are well balanced, charged, and operating at peak efficiency, and a 10-year warranty* means the ROI on your battery investment starts the moment your system is commissioned.

For the curious - or obsessive - battery owner, performance monitoring is a snap with the HAB-XL's integrated 3.5" LCD touch screen for at-a-glance real-time battery performance data even from across the room (displays voltage, current, state of charge, and power output) or with KiloVault's HAB iT app.

HAB-XL Lithium Energy Storage System Applications

The HAB-XL can be used off-grid or on-grid in either AC- or DC-coupled configurations, and offers a multitude of ways to stabilize your electricity supply while also reducing its overall cost. The most cost-effective ways to use the HAB-XL to save on electricity costs and maximize your ROI are:

Avoid Time-of-Use Billing Peaks

Time-of-use (TOU) is an increasingly common electric utility rate structure in which home and business owners are charged different rates for electricity depending on the time of day it is used. Not surprisingly, the "peak rates" are usually charged during the afternoon and evening when demand is highest. Time-of-use billing provides an excellent opportunity for solar/HAB-XL owners to put their investment to work by taking advantage of their solar panels and lower electric rates during off-peak hours to charge their battery, and then using the power from the battery during peak billing hours.

Simply put, if your electric utility company does time-of-use billing, a HAB-XL will allow you to enjoy low cost power whenever it's needed. Note: you'll need to ensure that the inverter you plan to use with your HAB-XL is compatible with TOU. If you are unsure, give us a call at 877-878-4060.

Demand Response

Similar to time-of-use billing, demand response is a type of program offered by some utilities that incentivizes homeowners to reduce their electricity usage during peak demand times in order to help the local power grid. For a homeowner, this is most effectively done by using a home battery like the HAB-XL to store energy during off-peak hours and then use it during peak hours. Not all utilities offer demand response programs for homeowners; however one of the best residential demand response programs in the country is the ConnectedSolutions incentive in the Northeast U.S.

Battery storage is now eligible for the Solar ITC and other renewable energy rebates and incentives!


Self-supply is a feature of home battery systems that provides homeowners with an efficient and cost-effective way to store excess solar energy during the day and then use it at night. The self-supply strategy is typically used in areas like Hawaii where you can't export power to the grid, or in locations where utility net metering programs pay a reduced rate for solar energy supplied to the grid.

Backup Power for Grid Outages

If you're connected to the grid, you know how inconvenient and even dangerous a grid outage can be. Electric utility companies typically don't give advance notice of grid outages, and these outages are becoming more and more common in the U.S. as our electric grid infrastructure continues to age and hazardous weather events continue to increase in both frequency and intensity. With the HAB-XL's whopping 19.2 kWh of energy capacity, homeowners and small businesses will be able to maintain power not just to critical loads, but to most or all optional loads as well.

Off-Grid Power

In many locations it's cost prohibitive - or downright impossible - to connect to the electricity grid. In these places, homeowners turn to renewable energy resources like solar, hydro, or wind (sometimes supplementing with a gas generator) and an energy storage system like the KiloVault HAB-XL to provide 100% of their power.

HAB-XL Lithium Energy Storage System Tech Specs

Specification: HAB-XL HAB V4
Rated Energy Capacity (Watt-Hours) 20,000 Wh 7500 Wh
Usable Energy Capacity (Watt-Hours) 19,200 Wh 6000 Wh
Nominal Voltage 51.2 VDC
Nominal Amp-Hour Capacity 400 Ah 150 Ah
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 180 A  120 A (50 A with longer warranty)
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 180 A  150 A (60 A with longer warranty)
Peak Discharge Current 500 A (3s), 750 A (1s) 500 A (<3s)
Cycle Life 10 years / 6000 cycles 10 years / 6000 cycles @80% DoD when charged/discharged at 50A/60A
7.5 years / 4000 cycles @80% DoD when charged/discharged at 120A/150A
High Voltage Cutoff 58.4 ± 0.4 V (not a set point)
Recovery 54.0 ± 0.4 V
57.0 V
Low Voltage Cutoff 43.2 ± 0.4 V (not a set point)
Recovery 50.4 ± 0.4 V
48.2 V
Operating Temperature Charging: 32°F ~ 113°F (0°C ~ 45°C)
Discharging: -4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C)
Maximum Configuration 20 in parallel 14 in parallel
Communications HAB-XL to inverter: CAN bus using the RS-485 standard
HAB-XL to HAB-XL: CAN bus w/ RJ45 on both ends of cable
HAB to inverter: Modbus using the RS-485 standard
HAB to HAB: CAN bus w/ RJ45 on both ends of cable
Self-Discharge Rate ≤3% per month, ≤15% per year ≤3% per month
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19.48" x 15.74" x 48.75" including wheels 22.5" x 9.5" x 32"
Weight 600 lbs 230 lbs
Ingress Rating IP54 IP54 with vented plates
IP55 with solid plates
Certifications ETL certified to UL Standard UL9540A ETL certified to UL Standard 1973; UL1642; UN38.3; IEC62619; OSHA 18001/ISO45001; ISO 9001/1400
Warranty 10 years  10 years / 7.5 years (depends on charging profile used)


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