Victron Energy Battery Balancer

Victron Energy Battery Balancer
Victron Energy Battery Balancer

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VICBATTBALANCER Victron Energy Battery Balancer
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 Victron Energy Battery Balancer

Victron Energy
Battery Balancer

The life of an expensive battery bank can be substantially shortened due to state of charge unbalance between each of the batteries in the system.  What should you do?

Victron Energy's Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series connected 12V batteries, or of several parallel strings of series connected batteries.  When the charge voltage of a 24V battery system increases to more than 27V, the Battery Balancer will turn on and compare the voltage over the two series connected batteries. The Battery Balancer will draw a current of up to 1A from the battery (or parallel connected batteries) with the highest voltage. The resulting charge current differential will ensure that all batteries will converge to the same state of charge.  If needed, several balancers can be paralleled - ie. a 48V battery bank can be balanced with 3 Battery Balancers.


  • Compatible with series connected 12V battery systems at 24 or 48Vdc
  • LED indicators for system voltage status
  • Alarm relay and reset when red LED turns on
  • Get more insight and control when pairing the Balancer with the BMV-702 Battery Monitor
  • Easy to use/install


    Victron Battery Balancer Specifications

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