SolarFocus Solar Power Lighted Cover for Kindle 4

SolarFocus Solar Power Lighted Cover for Kindle 4
SolarFocus Solar Power Lighted Cover for Kindle 4
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SolarFocus Solar Kindle Cover

Solar Power Lighted Cover
for Kindle 4, aka "Kindle" $79 version

Using renewable solar energy and an integrated reserve battery, the Solar Lighted Cover provides superior lighting and greatly extended reading time for the Amazon "Kindle". This cover works with the "touchless" Kindle model that features a 5-Way D-Pad for controls at the bottom. The cover's powerful built-in LED reading lamp illuminates the screen surface (reaching up to 800 lux) and the 1500 mAh lithium-polymer reserve battery can provide up to 800 pgs of extra reading time! Useful for when conventional power sources are not available, the Solar Lighted Cover is the perfect solution for readers on the go.

Our custom-designed solar panel and integrated solar charging circuit delivers high charging efficiency and makes best use of the clean, green, renewable energy of the sun. The dual-charging-mode integrated reserve battery can be charged from either solar energy or from a standard USB charging adaptor. The onboard reserve battery greatly extends reading time, and powers a built-in LED reading lamp, delivering superior readability for the Kindle 4.


  • One touch releases and turns on the LED reading lamp
  • An integrated reserve batter runs the LED lamp for up to 50 hours continuously without every using the Kindle's main battery
  • Optionally the integrated reserve battery can convert and transfer its energy to the Kindle main battery and extend reading time
  • Stylish leatherette case is smart looking and comfortable
  • Integrated solar panel collects and converts solar energy "on the go". One hour under direct sunlight can provide up to 3 days reading time
  • LED indicates battery level and status of charging and discharging

These exclusive features allow users to continue reading comfortably for as long as they wish, day and night, indoors and outdoors, at home and while traveling.

* The Kindle wordmark and Kindle logotype are trademarks of, Inc. and its affiliates.

Solar Kindle Cover

CES 2012 Award

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