Morningstar SunLight SL-10L-12V 10A, Lighting Controller with LVD

Morningstar SunLight SL-10L-12V 10A, Lighting Controller with LVD
Morningstar SunLight SL-10L-12V 10A, Lighting Controller with LVD
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MORSL-10-12-LVD Morningstar Corp SL-10L-12V 12V 10A

Morningstar CorporationMorningstar
Charge Controller

Sunlight Charge Controller(Para información en español, haga un clic aquí) hablamos espanol

Morningstar's SunLight is the world's leading solar lighting controller. We have combined all the advantages of our SunSaver charge controller with some unique lighting control features.

  • Includes all the advantages of the SunSaver charge controller. Please refer to the SunSaver product information for more details.
  • Unique Lighting Control Features
    • Using solar array voltage to determine day and night, the SunLight provides 10 different lighting control options.
    • By measuring the length of the night, the SunLight's ON/OFF/ON options provide the capability to turn on the light at sunset, turn off the light after 3 to 6 hours, and then turn on the light again for 1 or 2 hours before sunrise.
    • The length of the night is calculated by taking a moving 4 night average, and thus automatically adjusts for seasonal changes in the length of the night.
    • The test button helps the installer by blinking the red LED to confirm correct selection of lighting control option, and also turns on the light for 5 minutes to verify that the light is operating correctly.
    • Timer accuracy is within 2 seconds.
  • The SunLight is available in 10A or 20A, and at 12VDC or 24VDC
  • For solar arrays greater than 20A, the SunLight may be used in parallel with the SunSaver controller (lighting control limited to 20A).

Lighting Control Options

Standard Controller Features:

Temperature compensation
High level of lightning protection
Computerized production testing

Ambient temperatures of 40C to +60C
Expected 15 year life
Parallel capability for higher current ratings
Easy to use
Constant voltage, PWM series charging
Reverse current protection (at night)
ISO 9002 manufacturing
High efficiency, low self-consumption
TropicalizationEpoxy or conformal coating
Five year warranty
No need to derate- 25% design margin

Model Number
Low Voltage Disconnect
Wire Size
Sunlight-10L-12V 10A 10A 12V Yes #10 / 5 9 / 0.26
Sunlight-10L-24V 10A 10A 24V Yes #10 / 5 9 / 0.26
Sunlight-20L-12V 20A 20A 12V Yes #10 / 5 9 / 0.26
Sunlight-20L-24V 20A 20A 24V Yes #10 / 5 9 / 0.26


Physical & Electrical Diagrams

Physical & Electrical Diagrams

Morningstar Corporation


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Morningstar Sunlight 10-12 10A, 12V Light Controller

Good product - nice fearures,quality construction,reliable operation

great solution

Our neighborhood wanted to replace the gas lights at the entrance with a renewable energy source. We selected the Morningstar Sunlight Light Controller, a Deka Dominator 8G31 90 AH gel battery, two 7 watt Phocos CFL lights to replace the gas burners, a 60 watt PV panel, and two 1 watt Malibu LED ...
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Morningstar / Sunlight 10-12 10A Controller

We are in the lighting buz and experimenting with remote solar lighting
that actually works. This solid state device fits the bill. No relays to stick
and a fail safe timer. Using it with a Phocus 11 watt output / 12 volt compact flourescent bulb and an E-Village 18 watt /12 volt thin ...
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