Phocos CIS-N Industrial Charge Controller 12/24V 10/10A, IP68

Phocos CIS-N Industrial Charge Controller 12/24V 10/10A, IP68
Phocos CIS-N Industrial Charge Controller 12/24V 10/10A, IP68
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PHOCISN101.1-2L Phocos CIS-N-10-2L 10A

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CIS-N 10A Industrial Charge Controller
CIS-N-10-1.1-2L (Dual Load)

The Phocos CIS-N Charge Controller is one of the latest members of the successful Phocos family of fully encapsulated, high-performance CIS charge controllers providing optimum performance. Thanks to its high protection class (IP68), the CIS-N is ideal for applications in demanding environments such as the gas and oil industry (e.g. remote monitoring, weather stations, valves controlling, SCADA, and many more). CIS-N was specially developed as a charge controller for applications requiring negative grounding, and features the identical properties as the popular positive-grounded CIS. It is available in two versions: A single load version with dimming output and a dual load version with two load outputs for independent control of two loads. The timer and other useful functions are completely programmable via the CIS-CU remote control unit. It is the first line of fully encapsulated 4-stage PWM-charge controllers that can withstand extreme temperature shocks, dust, and water. The high quality 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with low voltage disconnect, flexible load timer functions, and a multi-LED system status display.


  • Demanding, harsh environments (ie. oil and gas industry)
  • Solar applications exposed to harsh weather applications
  • Traffic/traffic control systems, signal lamps etc
  • Negative grounding applications

  • Robust aluminum housing and epoxy encapsulated PCB to prevent corrosion (IP68)
  • Infrared remote control programming accessory (CIS-CU)
  • Intelligent timer and dimming functions available for lighting control
  • 4-stage battery charging (main, float, boost, equalization)
  • Dual load output - two independent 10A load channels for LVD function
  • Automatic system voltage recognition (12/24 V)
  • Ultra-compact design offering extra flexibiltiy and fitting easily into almost every application

    System Voltage 12/24 V auto recognition
    Maximum Charge Current 10A
    Float Charge 13.8/27.6 V (25 °C)
    Main Charge 14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 30 min. (daily)
    Boost Charge 14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 2 h Activation: battery voltage < 12.3/24.6 V
    Equalization 14.8/29.6 V (25 °C), 2 h Activation: battery voltage < 12.1/24.2 V (at least every 30 days)
    Cut-off Voltage 11 – 12 V / 22 – 24 V
    Overvoltage Protection 15.5/31.0 V
    Undervoltage Protection 10.5/21 V
    Max. Panel Voltage 50 V @ 24 V/ 30 V @ 12 V
    Max. Self Consumption 6 – 10 mA @ 24 V / 5 – 8 mA @ 12 V
    Grounding Negative Grounding
    Ambient temperature −40 to +60 °C
    Max. altitude 4,000 m above sea level
    Battery type Lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)

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