Morningstar SG-4 Sunguard 4.5 Amp 12 Volt Solar Charge Controller


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MORSG-4 Morningstar Corp SG-4 12V 4.5A

Morningstar CorporationMorningstar Corporation
Charge Controller

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Standard Controller Features:
Temperature compensation
High level of lightning protection
Computerized production testing

Ambient temperatures of 40C to +60C
Expected 15 year life
Parallel capability for higher current ratings
Easy to use
Constant voltage, PWM series charging
Reverse current protection (at night)
ISO 9002 manufacturing
High efficiency, low self-consumption
TropicalizationEpoxy or conformal coating
Five year warranty
No need to derate- 25% design margin
Model #
Wire Size
SunGuard 4.5A   12V
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  1. SunGuard can be mounted in any position. It is best to mount to a vertical surface and allow space for air flow through the controller.
  2. First connect the Battery BLACK wire (negative) to the battery. Use either black wire since they are connected together inside the controller.
  3. Connect the RED Battery positive wire to the battery.
  4. Connect the Solar array using the other BLACK wire and the YELLOW Solar positive wire. Be very careful not to short circuit the solar array, or the controller will be damaged.
  5. SunGuard prevents reverse current leakage at night, so a blocking diode is not required in the system.
  6. A negative earth ground at the battery is recommended for most effective lightning protection.
  7. SunGuard can be mounted outdoors. Do not expose to ambient temperatures above 60°C. Make sure that water will drain from inside the case.

Downloadable Documentation:

Data Sheet
Operator's Manual
SunGuard Bench Testing
SunGuard Field Testing

SunGuard Mechanical Diagram Adobe Acrobat File
SunGuard Electrical Diagram Adobe Acrobat File
CE Certification Adobe Acrobat File

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SunGuard Brochure en español
SunGuard Manual en español

Morningstar Corporation

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