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MIDMNBRAT Midnite Solar, Inc. MNBRAT 30A

Midnite Solar

Check out our video on the BRAT Solar Charge Controller- what's in the box!

Midnite Solar
30A PWM Charge Controller

Midnite Solar's new 30 amp PWM solar charge controller is the most versatile charge controller in its class. The Brat is ideal for RVs, outdoor, marine applications, and renewable energy systems such as lighting and water pumping.

A nice feature about this 30A charge controller is that it can be used for load control. So say for example, you have a 12V system, and a 12V light that you want to control. You use 10A for the load, and 20A for the solar. Within the charge controller, you can set the light to go on from dusk to dawn, or other times of the day, giving a lot of configurability and flexibility to the load control. If you just want to use it as a solar charge controller only, you change the settings to 30A so it knows to use all the current for charging.

altE Tips:

  • For PWM charge controllers, you'll want to remember to match the nominal voltage of the battery bank to the nominal voltage of the solar array. So for example, a 12V battery bank must use a 12V solar panel. A 24V battery bank must use a 24V solar panel, or two 12V panels wired in series.
  • Location of Brat is important. For greatest efficiencies, choose a cooler area where you can have shorter wire runs.
  • Input and output circuit breakers should be used to provide circuit protection as well as maintenance convenience. Typical breaker sizes by wire gauge are: 10AWG - 30A; 12AWG - 20A; 14AWG - 15A.
  • Features:

    • Compact, Nema 3R weather-proof, bug-proof design - sealed for marine or harsh environments
    • Selectable charging modes - 20A charger with 10A load control, 30A charger without load control
    • 0 to 100% PWM - no relays, fans, or external heat-sink
    • Four LED’s for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery
    • Patterned blinking LED’s provide feedback about fault conditions
    • Supports 12V/24V Flooded, Gel, AGM batteries
    • Reverse polarity protection. short circuit protection, over temperature protection
    • Acts as the load circuit - ideal for running well pumps, electric fences, or billboard lights in remote areas
    • 8 position switch for main charger settings (including Solar Clock mode which adjusts load control for seasonal solar/time changes)
    • 16 position rotary switch for lighting controller (highly customizable- dusk/dawn, hourly, day, night etc)
    • Built-in battery temperature sensor - so in hotter or colder temperatures, it will change the rate it charges based on the temperature. This is really good for the health of the batteries.
    • 2 Year Warranty

    Looking for more information on Solar Charge Controllers, and what is the best one for your application? altE has many resources to help you. Learn about what PWM stands for and what it means, the key features of solar charge controllers, and the differences between PWM and MPPT charge controllers.

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    Midnite Solar

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