CM/R-50 Remote LCD Digital Display with 50 Ft Cable

CM/R-50 Remote LCD Digital Display with 50 Ft Cable
CM/R-50 Remote LCD Digital Display with 50 Ft Cable
Compatible with C12, C35, C40 and C60 Charge Controllers
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XANCM/R-50 Xantrex CM/R-50

Xantrex Xantrex
Backlit Meters (formerly C40DVM)

Optional LCD Digital Display for Xantrex C Series Charge Controllers

This digital meter only mounts as a remote meter (does not fit on front of charge controller) for the C35, C40, or C60. It displays volts, amps, and resettable cumulative amp hours for a solar array, DC loads, or diversion loads, depending on the application. This CM/R comes with 50’ communication cable for remote installation.

The CM series meters are back-lit and continuously display:

  • Battery voltage
  • DC amperage
  • Cumulative amp hours amp hours since last reset


  • In the box: Xantrex Cm/R-50 Digitalmeter-C12/35/40/60-50'

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As a follow up to my other c40 review. After 2 years of ownership this unit has been sold on ebay as it never did its job, whatsoever. Throughout the 2 years at my cabin I was constantly running the generator and it eventually let me batteries get so low that they ultimately failed on multiple o...
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This is a great product. Since my solar controls are all in a closet, I bought the DVM to remote the readings to a more accessible space. The display is back lit and very easy to read, even at a distance. Another great product form Xantrex!

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