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Solar Converters PT 36-5A, 36V MPPT Charge Controller

Solar Converters PT 36-5A, 36V MPPT Charge Controller
Solar Converters PT 36-5A, 36V MPPT Charge Controller
Item code Brand name Model number Amps
SORPT36-5 Solar Converters PT 36-5 POWER TRACKER 5A
Popular for 36V electric golf carts and other electric vehicles!

Solar Converters Inc.
36 Volt Power Tracker™
MPPT Charge Controllers
PT 36-5

Solar Converters Inc.
5 Amp, 36Volt Model
PT 36-5, PT 36-10, PT 36-20, PT 36-40  MPPT Charge Controllers
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This charge controller is used to charge a battery from a PV power source. This charge controller can be ordered with a special float voltage to charge small batteries used for Video or digital cameras or small security camera systems. The exceptional small size of this unit makes it extremely portable and able to fit almost anywhere in the user equipment.

All the listed Power Tracker™ charge controllers with MPPT can charge control a battery of lower voltage. Many of these models can also accept battery or multiple input sources. Special models are available to operate from non-typical PV nominal voltages and charge batteries of different nominal voltages. For example, 72 V nominal panels charging a 36 V battery or any combination of panel and battery so long as the battery voltage is less than the panel voltage. This will be useful where the panels must be a long distance from the battery, allowing wiring with a smaller wire size as the current is reduced. The wire savings alone can easily pay for the controller.

Note: For optimal Maximum Power Point Tracking performance, it is recommended that MPPT charge controllers be used in conjunction with uniform solar arrays consisting of multiple, identical solar panels. MPPT charge controllers will still work with mixed arrays, but at reduced efficiencies, which defeats the whole point of MPPT technology. These devices were designed to calculate the most efficient charging characteristics given the assumption of a uniform array. Mixed arrays, by definition throw this calculation off.


  • Single unit 36 V operation
  • Special order units can charge lower voltage rechargeable battery
  • Will also charge batteries from rectified AC through an energy limited transformer, great for systems with optional AC charging or UPS systems
  • Real world 15 - 30 % more current than conventional technology into discharged batteries
  • Overvoltage Protection
    • Regulates output at float level even without batteries connected (or bad batteries)
Electrical Specifications
PT 36-5
Nominal Voltage (V) 36
Nominal PV Array (V) 36
Max Array Voltage (V) 67.5
Max Output (A) 5
Self Consumption (A)
Self Consumption (A)
Setpoint Tolerance (+/-) 5%
Float Setting **(V) 42
Overcharge Setting (V) 43
Temp. Comp. mv/Deg C -4
Efficiency 96%

Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.

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