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Smart Harvest 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Item code Brand name Model number Amps
OUTSCCM10100 Outback SCCM10-100 10A

Outback Power Systems Smart Harvest 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Smart Harvest by Outback Power
10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The new Smart Harvest Solar Charge Controller by Outback Power offers both MPPT and PWM technology at a great price. This 10A MPPT solar charge controller has advanced tracking, is super lightweight (only 1 pound!), offers 12/24V selectable battery voltage, and includes load control and low voltage disconnect.

SmartHarvest's SCCM10-100 placies MPPT charge controller capability within the reach of a much wider application base, ensuring higher system yeilds at the power and size levels where that advantage can make the most difference. By maximizing solar energy harvesting under a wider variety of environmental conditions, MPPT technology helps the system extract as much electricity as possible for more effective energy storage. This makes the innovative SCCM10-100 ideal for use in efficiency-driven applications that can benefit from improved, advanced charger technology.


  • 10A/100V Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller
  • MPPT technology ensures maximum yield from available solar energy
  • Works with flooded or sealed lead acid batteries
  • Integrated LED display for PV and battery status
  • 2 year warranty


Electrical Specifications
Nominal Battery Voltage 12/24V selectable
Maximum Output Current 10A
Max Input Voltage 100V
Panel Intelligence MPPT
Input Panel Power 150/300W
Charging Regulation Four stages: bulk, absorb, float, equalize
State of Charge Low Voltage Disconnect 11.4/22.8V
Low Battery Load Reconnect 12.4/28.8V
High Battery Load Disconnect 15/30V
Temperature Compensation -5mV/°C
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 60°C
Data Logging NA
Display 3 LEDs - Red (warning); Yellow (battery); Green (PV)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (H X W X D) 4.3 X 7.8 X 1.8 inches
Weight 1.1 lb

Outback Power Systems

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