Morningstar TS-M-2 TriStar Digital Meter for TriStar Controllers

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MORTS-M-2 Morningstar Corp TS-M-2

MorningstarMorningstar Corporation
Display Options TS-M-2 & TS-RM-2
for TriStar Charge Controllers


Two digital LCD meters are available for the TriStar family of controllers, and their displays are identical. One version is mounted on the controller (TS-M-2); the other is mounted in a remote location (TS-RM-2).

Morningstar Tristar Meter TS-M-2


Morningstar TS-RM-2 Remote Meter


The meter will display a great deal of information about the TriStar controller and the operation of your system. In addition, the meters enable manual functions and controller diagnostics. These capabilities will increase your confi dence that the system is working properly and will help you to improve system reliability, battery life, and system performance. It is worth the time getting to know your meter!


  • Intertek ETL Recognized for use with Morningstar’s TriStar family of charge controllers (both the TS line and TS-MPPT line)
  • Complies with CE and LVD standards
  • Suitable for 12, 24, 48 Vdc systems
  • Fully protected from wiring faults
  • Controller-mounted and remote versions can be used together
  • Extended LCD temperature rating (-20oC to +70oC)
  • Multilingual display (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Displays aggregate system data from multiple TriStar controllers
  • Manual Ah resets and equalization control for individual controllers and for multi-controller systems
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • View internal logged data stored in TriStar controllers that have datalogging capability
  • Remote version supplied with 30m (98.4 ft), cable may be shortened if needed
  • Connections are by standard RJ-11 6-position modular plugs
  • 5-year standard warranty


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My Meter For My Tristar Trakstar MPPT 60

My MPPT Morningstar with Meter 60 amp I will put it up against any other MPPT Solar charge Controller I have owned 2 ! I rate it a 10 One word Decribes this MPPT Is Awesome I have three 135 watt Kyocera PV solar panels & I\\m putting out 30 amps easy I love it Great Great System Great easy t...
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