Morningstar EMC-1 Ethernet Meterbus Converter

Morningstar EMC-1 Ethernet Meterbus Converter
Morningstar EMC-1 Ethernet Meterbus Converter

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MOREMC-1 Morningstar Corp EMC-1

Morningstar Corporation
Ethernet Meterbus Converter

Now you can monitor and modify your Morningstar system remotely! Connect to an IP network or the internet from almost anywhere in the world. View many useful system metrics such as battery voltage, array voltage, load current, and error codes. The information appears live, in real time. As well, the device will give you access to change your battery charging settings, temperature settings, lighting settings, and low voltage disconnect setting.

The EMC-1 Ethernet Meterbus Converter converts a serial connection to an ethernet connection, enabling IP based network and internet connectivity to any Morningstar product that features an existing MeterBus port (RJ-11). The EMC-1 is powered by connecting it to the Morningstar product’s MeterBus port or the DC input for 12, 24, or 48V systems. The MeterBus port connection also enables transmission of serial data to the EMC-1. The EMC-1 converts this connection to a fully enabled Ethernet port to allow data transfer to the internet. This facilitates remote monitoring, configuration and control using any type of IP based network connection. This now allows for for Morningstar products to be established in remote power systems.

The EMC-1 works with:

  • TriStar, ProStar, SunSaver MPPT Controllers
  • TriStar PWM Controllers
  • SunSaver Duo Controller
  • SureSine Inverters
  • Features:

  • IP based MODBUS connectivity for remote communication and control -very simple and very reliable
  • Compatible with any standard IP network hardware including cellular, Wi-Fi, point-to-point private networks, or satellite
  • Wide operating voltage allows it to function with 12, 24, 48V battery systems
  • Din Rail or Wall/Surface Mounting
  • Wide operating temperature range and rugged coating, designed for extreme off-grid conditions
  • Auto-detection and configuration with Morningstar controllers makes for easy set up
  • RJ-11 and RJ-45 cables included, as well as mounting screws - allowing for simple connectivity
  • 3 LED lights display Power, Connectivity, and Read Only access
  • Monitoring, logging and remote custom programming using Morningstar MSView PC software
  • Offers visibility into Morningstar’s Live View web page which can be accessed by any browser on any device - see Live View image below
  • A cloud hosted data service is scheduled to launch at the end of 2016
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Specifications
    DC Input Voltage Range 8 - 80 Vdc
    Maximum Self Consumption 2 Watts
    Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to 60 °C
    Humidity 100% non-condensing
    Communication Ports MeterBus (RJ-11); Ethernet (RJ-45)
    Communication Protocols MODBUS Serial; MODBUS TCP/IP
    Ethernet Speed 10/100Base-T
    Dimensions 6.04 x 3.37 x 1.2 in (15.3 x 8.6 x 3.0 cm)
    Weight .28 lbs (.13kg)

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