Solar Converters Turbine Dump Load Controller 24 V, 60 A

Solar Converters Turbine Dump Load Controller 24 V, 60 A
Solar Converters Turbine Dump Load Controller 24 V, 60 A

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Item code Brand name Model number Volts Amps
SORLDR-24-60E Solar Converters LDR-24-60E 24V 60A
Includes metal NEMA 3R enclosure.

Solar Converters Inc.Solar Converters Inc.
Wind Turbine
Battery Charge Controller

Wind Turbine Charge ControllerUse a PWM taper charge control to provide battery overchage protection while maintaining a load on the windmill. Requires user to supply a resistive load like air resistors or water heater elements to dump power.
Contact factory for resistors, a future manufactured product.


Model Batt. Voltage Current Configuration
LDR 12-100 12V 100A Open Frame for mount in customer control box.
LDR 24-60 24V 60A
LDR 48-30 48V 30A
LDR 96-15 96V 15A
LDR 12-100E 12V 100A With NEMA 3R enclosure.
LDR 24-60E 24V 60A
LDR 48-30E 48V 30A
LDR 96-15E 96V 15A
LDR 12-100C 12V 100A With NEMA 3R enclosure and rectification, and all terminal blocks.
LDR 24-60C 24V 60A
LDR 48-30C 48V 30A
LDR 96-15C 96V 15A

NOTE: Other custom voltages readily available. Contact us.

Special Shipping Note:
All Solar Converter Products are behind in production. These items are usually shipped directly from the manufacturer in Canada. They cannot be shipped by any expedited methods such as UPS Blue or Red. They will generally be shipped via Canadian Express Mail which avoids import brokerage fees of $50-$60. Lead time on these products may be up to 4-6 weeks depending on their production. This is true of all Solar Converters products with the exception of the battery desulphator (item code SORBD-2) that we stock in our warehouse. If you want Solar Converters products to be shipped by normal Canadian Post, but would prefer to have the rest of your order to be shipped by a faster method, please write this information in your order's notes during checkout.

Solar Converters Inc

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